What a surprise! 3 unexpected causes of wrinkles

As you get older, you have more wrinkles on your face. It’s because the skin sags and loses its firmness with age. Even though young people are supposed to have firm skin, some of them start to have wrinkles, because there are other reasons besides the saggy skin with age that create wrinkles.

There are some gestures that you do everyday, which are, in fact, causing wrinkles on your face. What do we have to be careful in everyday life, to prevent wrinkles?

Part 1, What causes wrinkles between eyebrows

There are some people who has wrinkles between their eyebrows, even though they are still young. Today young people have wrinkles between eyebrows, because of the excessive use of computers and Smartphones.

Without noticing, you squint when you look at screen.

It’s not only the sagging skin which causes wrinkles. Young people who have a habit of squinting or frowning create those wrinkles between their eyebrows.

Therefore, be careful not to squint especially when you can’t see the letters clearly on the screen. Because computers are indispensable in workplace these days, people squint more.

If you don’t see clearly without squinting, rest your eyes a while. On top of that, use moisturizers if you started to notice horizontal lines between your eyebrows, to keep the skin firm in this area.

Part 2, Is this posture causes smile lines?

Have you ever rest your chin on one of your hand? There are many people who sit in this posture unconsciously. This posture lifts the muscles on your cheek, lifting the skin at the same time.

This creates smiles lines on your face. If you have a habit of sitting on this posture, more you get smile lines.

Furthermore, by resting your chin on one hand, a half of your face will have more wrinkles than the other. You should definitely stop doing it.

Part 3, What causes wrinkles around your eyes

The wrinkles around your eyes are caused by eye makeup. You blink your eyes more, especially when you put false eyelashes. By using the muscles around your eyes more, it causes wrinkles around your eyes.

By lifting your eyelids while applying an eyeliner or mascara, it also creates more wrinkles on your eyelids.

There are many people who wear color contact lenses these days. However lifting your eyelids to put contact lenses in your eyes will cause wrinkles.

If you like putting false eyelashes everyday, it’s important, for your eyelids, to take some break sometimes. If not, your eyelid skin will sag as you age.

There are so many gestures that we do unconsciously everyday, that causes wrinkles. If you are not careful, you might be causing wrinkles without noticing. Particularly cold weather cause wrinkles, so you should take a good care of your skin everyday.

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