Want to look younger? It’s better to look your age with grown-up makeup

Many women try to look younger than their age. On TV or in magazines, there are many tips to look younger. But most men aren’t actually attracted by women who try too hard to look younger.

Many women make many efforts to stay younger or to stay beautiful as they age, but sometimes they overdo it. Many men actually prefer women who look their age.

Therefore they don’t like women wearing too much makeup either. That’s why it’s important to learn how to apply grown-up makeup that many men like and many women admire. What are the makeup tips for grown women?

Part 1. Don’t copy makeup tips for young people

Many young girls use a lot of glitter on their eyelids, apply makeup so that their skin under their eyes would look puffy, which would create the large eye effect (This technique is commonly used by Asian girls). Those types of makeup are very cute on young girls but it would look silly on grown-up women.

It’s a bit strange to see grown-up women with a lot of glitter on their eyes. Many men also say that “I don’t like puffy eyes on grown women.”

You might apply makeup like young girls because you want to look younger. However it doesn’t automatically make you look beautiful.

Part 2. Use dark colors around eyes

This year, pastel colors are in fashion. You don’t have to be young to use those colors. However if you want to look mature and classy, you should always use darker shades around eyes.

Even if you put eye shadows with pastel colors such as pink or blue, using darker colors around your eye would make your eyes look sharper.

Sharper eyes would make you look sophisticated. That’s why you should always use eye shadows or eyeliners with darker colors, even if you want to put light colored eye shadows.

Part 3. Don’t apply too much lip gloss; use glossy lipsticks instead

Men like full shiny lips. Many women, young or old, wear lip glosses these days. However the lips that are too shiny with gloss doesn’t make you look classy.

If you do use lip glosses, apply a small amount of them just on the center of lips. There are actually lipsticks that can make your lips shine like a lip gloss. Because those lipsticks are less brilliant, you would look more sophisticated.

Part 4. Don’t put too much blush on your cheeks; circular shape make you look like a child

Blushing is the most important step in makeup. Many girls apply blush in circular shape on the apples of their cheeks, but it would make grown-up women look like a little child.

Apply blush lightly from the apples of your cheeks to your ears. That would make your face look thinner, so that you would look more mature.

Tint blush can only make circular shape. Use brushes to spread the color, if you only have this type of blush.

Many grown-up beautiful women don’t apply makeup correctly so that they would look childish and silly. You must learn makeup skills which make you look your age, mature and sophisticated.

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