Use mascara only on the outer corner of your eyes. Eye makeup that makes your face look thinner

It is important to make your face look sharper and thinner when you put makeup. Even those who have thinner faces, you face would look round with wrong makeup. That’s why it is important to learn how to put makeup.

There are many easy eye makeup skills that can make your face look thinner. Let’s see some of those skills here.

Learn eye makeup from Japanese teenage girls

Japanese teenage girls know how to put eye makeup, strong around the outer corner of the eyes, so that their eyes would look bigger. In fact, this eye makeup makes your face look thinner.

Some people may think that “that is a makeup for teenagers, not for me”, however there are techniques that can be useful for everyone, not just for teenagers. Let’s see what we can learn from them.

Must use a eyeliner even if you feel lazy

There are many people who don’t bother to use any eyeliner, because they believe that mascara or eye shadows would be enough. You might feel lazy to apply a eyeliner. But it is the most important step that you don’t want to skip.

A eyeliner can make your eyes look wider; it makes a huge difference. You don’t need to apply a eyeliner on the lower lashline. You only have to apply it well on the top lashline, to make your eye pop.

A gel eyeliner would be easier to use for beginners. There are many gel pencil eyeliners too. We recommend you to try those.

Apply a lot of mascara on the outer corner of the eyes

Mascara is essential for eye makeup. There are many people who use a lot of mascara on eyelashes in order to make your eye look wider. You should keep in mind that it is more important to apply a lot of mascara especially on the outer corner of the eyes.That’s what Japanese teenagers do when they put their makeup.

You can apply mascara evenly on every eyelashes, but that doesn’t make your eyes look bigger. By applying a lot of mascara on the outer corners, you can create the effect of larger eyes. More your eyes look bigger, your face will look thinner.

Reapply mascara especially on the outer corners of your eyes

It is important to use eyelash curler before reapplying mascara. It’s also easier to apply mascara after curling eyelashes and your eyes would look much bigger.

Use fake eyelashes if your lashes lack volume

There are people who reapply mascara many times to add volume. It’s one of the ways to add volume to your lashes, but you can also use false eyelashes to increase volume instead. It’s an efficient way to make your face look thinner.

It’s better to choose false eyelashes which has more volume on the outer corners. Nowadays there are variety of false eyelashes available in stores. You will surely find the ones you love.

After putting false eyelashes, you can apply mascara to make them look more natural and to make your eyes even bigger.

With this little effort, you can make your eyes look larger. As a result, your face would look thinner. These techniques are also useful when your eyes look tired.

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