There is no going back. Do you know what happens after having a plastic surgery?

If you don’t like how you look or if you don’t have a confidence in yourself, there are many ways to feel better about yourself by losing weight or applying more makeup.

You might consider having a plastic surgery, if you are still not satisfied with your look. A plastic surgery can be a good way to make you feel positive and confident by changing the parts you don’t like about yourself.

However there are people who become addicted to plastic surgeries, since they can modify any part of their body quickly, like a magic. We should reflect deeper the magic of plastic surgeries.

Small non-surgical cosmetic procedures becomes bigger plastic surgeries

Non-surgical cosmetic procedures are more popular than ever these days. Even men and old people spend few millions to few 10 millions of yens to make their eyelids doubled, to make their nose higher by injecting hyaluronic acid or to hide their smile lines.

Nevertheless the results of those small cosmetic procedures don’t last long. It only lasts for few weeks or few months, before turning back to the original state.

In consequence, many people go back to redo the cosmetic procedures in. Because they are not as satisfied as their first time, so that’s when they start having surgical plastic procedures, entering the world of plastic surgeries that will change your look forever.

It’s their desire to do everything that it takes to reach their ideal look, that make them want to come back for more surgeries.

There is no coming back after a plastic surgery

There are people who are satisfied with their plastic surgeries, such as the procedure to make your face smaller by cutting the bone on your chin, the breast implant or the liposuction. On the contrary, the reality is that not everyone is satisfied with the result. There are people who prefer their body before or who their husband or boyfriend thinks they look unnatural.

Even if they want to go back to how you look before the surgeries, it’s almost impossible to return exactly like they were before. It’s a very stressful situation for those people.

Moreover some people suffer from the after effects of excessive plastic surgeries: the thin outer layer of the skin, by the surgeries, pulling the skin hard, the temporomandibular joint disorder that loses the control of muscles on your jaws, or the nasal congestion. Although they have those awful after effects, they may suffer from the addiction to plastic surgeries so that they can’t stop.

It’s like an obsession

Among these people, there are who need to keep have plastic surgeries to go through their days. They keep going back to see their plastic surgeons to fix their face and body, just as they go to their hair salon.

They suffer from the fears that their face will collapse or the wrinkles will be visible. It’s psychological problem that they can’t love their body or they can’t deal with getting old.

If you are in a state that you suffer from strong fears, you should go see a psychiatrist to heal your mind first.

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