The hormone control that will be made at golden sleeping time is everything to get the tighter skin

Lately, we often heard you don’t get recovered your body and skin if you won’t be sleeping between 10pm to 2am which is called 「the Golden Time」but recently there is another opinion that the golden time is to have a high quality sleep for 3 to 4 hours.
I personally don’t know which is true but we, girls will definitely need a good deep sleeping to keep our moisturized skin.

The relation in between sleep and beautiful skin

If you have children I think you will sleep quite early than usual because you need to make them go sleep early. Don’t you think all moms are really busy and careless that people say but they are keeping beautiful skin?
Of course there’s some conditions like they don’t smoke cigarettes and have good life stability but most of moms have shiny skin without any special care.
So the sleep is the point of this. (Not the time when the baby still crying all night) The key is there when your hormone is made while you are sleeping.

The growth hormone is the point!!

Your skin gets better to produce more growth hormone to recover while you are sleeping. The growth hormone prompts all muscles, born, viscera or brain to activate more.
It is the very important hormone to speed up your skin turning over. So if you have a trouble with your skin dullness even you have「not smoking or sleeping late」, even if you are sleeping but not getting any sleep which means it is because of you are not getting a deep quality sleep.

It is important to visit the otolaryngologist

It is good analyze your sleep because you will need to keep your skin moisturized by getting quality sleep. You must to have a good 4 hours of sleep to get a golden sleeping time.
So the important point is when you are falling into sleep! It is taboo to play with your mobile phone, work with your PC or watch TV. Your nerves gets too excited by seeing blue lights and your brain can not switch to deep sleep mode.It is also not good to have a green lights when you turning off your room LED light before you go to sleep. So it is good to have a foot lights on in your bedroom like at the hotels.
Also it is good to relax by using aroma candles. It’s not good to sleep in the morning of course and you should visit doctor if you have an apneic sleep to fix your sleep.
The otolaryngologist have told me that people who has smaller jaw snores more and have more possibility to get sleeping disorder. People should visit the otolaryngologist once if you are having stable life but you get tired easily and taking care of your skin well but it does not effects much.

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