Teeth stain bothers more than skin condition and looking for whiter teeth with teeth whitening treatment!

Unfortunately the teeth get stained by the age. This causes a negative behavior like you cannot smile a lot or put your hands around your mouth.
Your face gets dull when the teeth stain gets worse. Why don’t you try the teeth whitening for glossier teeth?

2 different types of teeth whitening treatments

There are 「Office whitening」and「Home whitening」. The office whitening is done at the dentist and home whitening is done at home by using a mouth piece.
I will introduce these whitening treatments.

What is the office whitening

The office whitening is done at the dentists. Lately they uses laser lights but your teeth gets too hot and pain problems
Recently, it’s possible just to apply special gel on your teeth to whiten your teeth without any heat!This way is more painless and less worry for your body. The dentist will look after well so there will be less trouble as well.
Thought, you will feel like your teeth gets tied up or a little pain for 24 hours after the treatment.

The points for the office whitening

Did you know that if you have any dirt on your teeth would reduce the effects of the whitening? So ask for airflow cleaning before the whitening. The gums are very sensitive to get scratched with chemicals.
So it is good to cover the gums with protective agents and it’s best to choose the dentists who does the whitening with the special gelsthan the common laser treatment because of the heat to your teeth.
Ask to apply fluorine on the surface of your teeth to recover faster after the treatment at last.

Home Whitening

This home whitening is good for people who are busy by using a mouthpiece. The special mouthpiece will be produced by model your teeth in wax. Put some special chemical inside the mouthpiece and go to sleep or take a bath and whiten your teeth.
This will take 3 weeks to 5 weeks long but it will effects for 6 months to 12 months long. The cost will be cheaper than the office whitening.

The points for the home whitening

Get the dentists to supply you a right condensed gel before you use them and put them into the mouthpiece.
There is no pain and better effects in the latest third generation gel. Use the one that collects the gel inside the mouthpiece tray so it’s more effective.
If the gel falls out from the tray while you are wearing it, it will be less effects and the pain in the gums as well. It is important to make the tray has each hollow and keeps the gel well.

The important point of whitening

The whitening is systemized so there is no worry for getting difference in whitening effects but you should know thatit will change the effects by your natural teeth condition.
Sometimes the whitening does not work because of your tooth fillings or your tooth does not have nerves. The filled teeth will not get white and even there is any fillings on your tooth but does not have nerves will not get white.

Combining Office and Home to steps up to get whiter teeth

There is only one time whitening treatment out there but if you want better and stable effects then let’s combine with office and home whitening and keep your teeth whiter.
You can keep your white teeth and not to get stained again by the whitening combinations.
Your facial expression will be different and gets brighter by getting your teeth whiter. You can smile as much as you want and you don’t have to hide your mouth with your hands and become more positive.
So before you get age 40, let’s try to have a professional treatment. It is same as your skincare. The continuation is the power.

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