Nobody will say “you look old” anymore! Specific makeup tips that make you look younger

We all get old every single day; it’s inevitable. But it doesn’t mean that you have to give up staying beautiful. With few efforts, there are ways to make you stay look younger.

You might say that “I want to stay beautiful, but I don’t have any money to go to a spa”. Don’t worry. The right makeup can make you look younger without spending so much money. We will show you specific makeup tips that make you look younger, depending on your skin problems.

1, You have puffy eyes

You look old when you have puffy eyes, because they make your face look tired and sleepy. If that is the case, you must use eye shadows.

Choose an eye shadows palette that contains gold and bronze colors. Apply it on your eyelids with circular motion. Make sure to cover the entire lid, up to the crease.

2, Your skin tone is uneven

Your face look older when your skin tone is uneven. You might even look older by covering it up with applying layers of thick foundation.

Use full coverage liquid foundation, that can hide brown spots, skin tone difference or even scars. Apply it lightly, from the center to downward and to outward, with a foundation brush.

3, You have saggy cheeks

Have you ever notice that the skin on your cheeks start to sag? There are ways to fix that. Put some liquid face highlighter on both of your ring fingers. While making a big smile on your face, apply it on your cheekbones by tapping your fingers against your skin.

Next, move your fingers towards your ears, up to your hairline. The highlight will make your saggy cheeks less visible.

4, Your face looks tired all the time

Has anyone said to you “are you tired?” even though you don’t feel particularly tired? It’s because your eyes looks dull.

In that case, apply a black eyeliner above your lashes from the outer corners to the inner corner of your eyes, making small forward and backward movements. On the lower eyelids, don’t use the black color; that would make you look like you have black circles. Use nude colors that are close to your skin tone.

Your eyes will look brighter after that.

5, Your skin doesn’t shine

As we get older, your skin becomes less shiny, unlike the gleaming skin that young folks have. If you are using powder foundation or eye shadows, switch them to liquid ones. Powder ones make your wrinkles more visible.

6, Your lips look thinner

You feel less attractive when your lips become thinner as you get old. Your lips lose fullness, because your organism produces less collagen with age.

In this case, apply a clear lip gloss on the center of the lower lip and on the entire upper lip. It will make your lips shiny, so that your lips would look fuller.

7, You have droopy eyes

When your eyes are droopy, they make your eyes look smaller. In that case, curl the eyelashes to make your eyes look bigger.

Curl the eyelashes well with eyelash curler, then apply black volume enhancing mascara on them twice.

8, Your face skin is less tight and has less glow

You might notice that your face has less glow, so that your face doesn’t look so bright. If that’s the case, we recommend you to use lipsticks. Applying lipsticks can add color to your face, so that you would look bright and fresh.

We recommend the berry colored lipsticks, instead of nude colors or red ones. It will create bright natural look on your face.

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