Special look for a special occasion! Makeup tips for Holidays

As it gets colder, streets are illuminated with Christmas decorations. The Christmas is coming! It’s a holiday season. It’s time to spend a special moment with a special someone. Even if you are not seeing anyone special, there are many opportunities to meet someone new during holidays. It’s the fanciest season of the year.

It’s also a time for women to shine more than usual. You want to dress up and do our hair to look beautiful for this special occasion. You might also wear perfect makeup to match your great new dress and well brushed hair.

We will show you makeup tips to look your best for this special occasion.

Base makeup

We all dream of having beautiful white skin. We can get the white smooth skin with makeup. There is a way to make your skin look pure, clear, shiny, soft and brilliant. In order to get this perfect skin, apply control color under your eyes and on the apples of your cheeks, to make your skin look pure. If the skin tone is different, hide it well with concealer.

Use liquid foundation to hide the pores, to make your skin look shiny. If you want to make your skin look natural, apply lightly pearl or glitter face powder.

If you want to make your makeup last, apply powder foundation before finishing up with the face powder. Even though if you don’t usually use pearl or glitter on your face, it’s perfect for holiday season. Don’t forget to cover the skin on your neck, d?collet? and hands, that will be visible.

Eye shadows

We recommend you the beige or soft pink color with pearl or glitter for your eye shadows. It will make you eyes glitter just as much as illuminations on streets. Even if you don’t use glitter on any other days, Christmas holidays are the best occasion to try it. You don’t have to use too much color to make your eyes shine!

If you apply lightly the white pearl color on the lower eyelids, it would make your eyes sparkle.


Because you wear heavy winter clothes, you want to make your eyes stand out. You don’t have to use bright colors to do so. You only need to apply an eyeliner well. You should draw a line close to your eyelashes, so that you would look great even with a closer look.

If you are not used to apply an eyeliner or if you always make it blur, it’s better to use a pencil eyeliner. Because you used the pearl white color, on the lower eyelid you only have to apply it at the outer corner of eyes.


Curl the eyelashes with an eyelash curler, to make your lashes look longer. You can also use false eyelashes. However if you are not used to wearing them, it might make you feel uncomfortable on special occasion. In that case, you can only apply few false lashes on the outer corners of your eyes.

After applying false eyelashes, it would make them look more natural if you put mascara on top of them. Your big pretty eyes will shine brilliantly.


Before the parties, many of you might have applied sparkling or strong eyebrows to make your face stand out, but it would look unnatural at a closer look. It’s better to make your eyebrows look natural and not too extravagant. They shouldn’t be too thin nor too dark. You only have to apply some brow powder from the inner to the outer end of the brows.

During holidays, you should not make the arches very high; you will look softer with lower arched eyebrows.


You will look very pretty with the circular shaped pure pink color on your cheeks. Apply the color lightly on your white skin, making circles on your high spots on your cheeks with a round cheek brush. If you are not used to wearing a color on your cheeks, use a round sponge to apply the color at the highest spot on your cheeks when you smile.

Apply foundation on top of it with a brush, because you want your cheeks to look as natural as possible.


You can use the prune or pink beige color on your lips. Or you don’t even have to apply any color at all. Because your eyes are shiny and brilliant in this holiday makeup, the colors like red or orange will ruin your makeup. You will also eat and drink a lot at party, so you don’t want to worry about reapplying lipsticks every few minutes.

There are many lip balms or long lasting lip glosses, that will make your lip shiny these days. If you have blue lips with the cold weather, you might want to use some colors to hide them.

If you don’t have healthy color on your lips, apply foundation on your lips first, then apply lip liners or lipsticks with matt color, and then press a Kleenex on your lips. It will remove oil from your lips so that the color will penetrate well.

After that, use a balm or a gloss to make your lips shine. Make sure that the corners of your mouth turned up at the same time.


If you want to make your face as shiny as your fancy clothes, use a highlighter with pearl. We usually use a highlighter to accentuate the features on the T-zone and the nose. Here we apply it to make your skin look shinier.

With a light reflecting on your skin, your face would look even better by applying a highlighter under your eyes and on the apples of your cheeks.


You should not put too much, but you can give a good impression with some perfume.

Don’t forget the nails

Even though we wear heavy boots in winter, you never know when you have to take them off. Therefore you should apply nail polish on the nails on your hands and your feet as well. You can also decorate your nails with some Christmas designs.

You will definitely feel special with this makeup matching your dress and hair. Why don’t you spend excellent Christmas holidays with your best look?

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