Skin is hangover as well? Instant skin-care for rough skin to be made on the next day you drank alcohol too much.

In banquet season, men and women tend to drink too much. Nasty is hangover, isn’t it? Feeling sick, headache, etc. Nothing good.

There is nothing to do but to drink much water and wait for recovery. Then, how about skin, affected by the ill condition of body? In fact, skin in the morning of hangover is unbearable to be seen.

Want to avoid banquet but cannot do so due to association….For you in such situation, I will introduce skin-care to be made before you go to bed and in the next morning.

1.Wash your face.

Falling down to bed without washing out makeup is most damaging to skin of the next day. When got drunken so much as to manage to return home, washing face is very burdensome.

It is recommendable to prepare beforehand for makeup remover of wiping type at your bed side and wipe your face with it before you get asleep. Do it at least within the day you drink.
As makeup remover, a type having a good property to retain moisture of skin is recommendable. Even if you get asleep as your face is wiped, your face will not get stiff in the next morning.
After getting up, wash your face again carefully with a light massage.

2.Use moisturizer.

In hangover, body requires more water. Skin is same. It is necessary to supply enough water to skin. Spreading skin lotion twice is an effective way for that.

With cotton soaked with skin lotion, make the lotion fit to the skin. After 1 ? 2 minutes when skin is dried, repeat it. If you feel necessary, repeat again.

Lastly, spread essence over the skin like doing massage.

3.Drink much water

After supplying water to skin with moisturizer, drink water or sports drinks to supply water from inside. Try to continue drinking a cup of water through the day.

When given sufficient water inside of body, hangover and roughness of skin must be improved. For those who like coffee, coffee is recommendable because coffee is good for headache, too.

4.Take vitamin C

Take vitamin C 1000 mg or so and some quantity of vitamin B and electrolytes. These are effective to tired skin and body.

You can take electrolytes from sports drinks and vitamin C from supplements or fruits.

5.Cool spoon

Cool two pieces of teaspoon in refrigerator. Lie on your back and put the cooled spoons on your eye lids more than five minutes. Your puffed eyes will get refreshed.

6.Prepare for ice and water

Prepare for a bowl of ice and water and put your puffed face into it.Your face and brain will be refreshed. If you do this first in the morning, your body will be awaken and you can have a good start of the day.

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