Sake’s great skin effects! Japanese Sake tonner for anti aging

A lot of you already know that Sake is good for your skin. These rice bran, sake lees and rice koji mold ingredients are produced in a process of making Sake and good for your skin so it shows a good effects in skin whitening, moisturaizing and anti-aging.

Japanese Sake is good to drink and also put the in a bath will give you a good effects too. I will introduce you a Sake tonner this time.

The Yamada nishiki Tonner with sake lees

Hakutsuru brewery produces the tonner and it’s called [dramatic repair]. The brewery focused in sake lees. The sake lees has amino acid and rice koji that contains a lot of nutrition and they produced a beauty skin method from sake lees.

The sake lees have moisturizing components that are lipdure, plant moist complex and schizosaccaromyces mixed with special Junmai Sake [Yamada Nishiki] is called [dramatic repair].

The tonner is made from natural water from Rokkou Mountain, no perfume and color added and paraben free.

The tonner produced by Kikumasamune brewery

The kikumasamune brewery is very famous Japanese sake manufacturer and they produces [Kikumsamune Japanese sake tonner].
Kikumasamune Junmai Ginjo Sake with amino acid, placenta and arbutin to moisturize.A reasonable price at \1,000 for 500ml with no color added and no mineral oil used.

Daiginjo Tonner made from Fukui brewery

One of the cosmetic series of Fukui Yamahai is [Daiginjo Tonner] that Diginjo mixed with sake lees. No color, no perfume added and no preservative additives.

No petroleum preservatives are used but using rosemary, grape fruits seeds for a natural preservative efficacy and antibacterial action. It’s not oily and comfortable to use and blends into your skin.

Moisturize your skin with Japanese Sake yeast

Nihonsakari’s [Komenuka Bijin] series are popular skincare series and the tonner called [Komenuka Bijin NS-K Tonner]. Sake yeast has vitamin B1, B2 and mineral a lot.

Rice bran that smooths your skin and Junmai sake to moisturize your skin are in the tonner. Also contains gamma oryzanol to improve your blood circulation and prompts your sebum.

The tonner contains the natural essence

Fukumitsuya’s [Suppin essencials] series has [essence lotion] and this contains high rice yeast FRS-12. Amino acid, natural alcohol, mineral and vitamins are all balanced out in the tonner,

No mineral oil, petroleum surfactant, perfume and color are added. Your skin gets tighter and moisturized with the tonner.

Sake bath for beautiful skin

Japanese sake is also good to have in the bath. Improves your blood circulation, moisturize, prompts the metabolism, whitening, release your muscle ache.
1?2 cups of sake into the bath tub. Your skin gets moisturized and you will see the effect on your skin when you do your make up in the next morning.

Dirking Sake is good for your skin too

Just to drink Sake gives you a great beautiful skin effect. The Sake is made out from Kouji malts that slow down to produce melanin pigment that causes your freckles and spots so this gives you a whitening effect.

The ferulic acid takes out active enzyme and gives you an anti-aging effect and also alpha-aminoacetic glycerol that contains Umami taste prompts hyaluronic acid and collagen to moisturize your skin.

Your blood circulation gets warmer when you drink Sake and that is why you get a beautiful skin by drinking Sake. Isn’t it great? Of course do not over drink them!

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