Rough skin comes from pollen? In the pollen season, unusual skin care is necessary.

There are many whose skin get rough in the pollen season. Pollen causes not only sneeze and itches of eyes but also rough skin.

In such time, rough skin is not improved by ordinary skin care. There are even cases that the skin gets worse by ordinary care. A special skin care to pollens is necessary in this season.

How is rough skin caused by pollen?

When pollen adheres to skin, they give skin irritation, and the irritation makes the skin easy to be dried. When skin is dried, barrier of skin is lost and skin get weakened to irritation, which causes itches, hot flash, redness or roughness of skin.

One who has allergy to pollen has itches on the eyes and scrubs them. The eyes get congested and skin around the eyes get easy to be dried. The dryness leads to deposition of coloring matters and dullness of skin. Also, by blowing of nose, skin around the nose gets sores and easy to be damaged by irritation.

It is necessary to prevent and improve such symptoms in the pollen season.

To do firstly after you come home is washing face.

It is necessary to wash out pollen on the face. Wash your face immediately after you come home.

Use washing agent friendly to skin. It is recommendable to wash out pollen on your skin to your skin with warm water first and then wash with the washing agent. In washing, be careful not to scrub your skin excessively.

In wiping with a towel, it is important to wipe out gently without scrubbing.

Enough care to retain moisture

Retaining moisture is important for skin care. In the pollen season. More careful care is necessary.

After washing face, spread sufficient lotion on your face and then spread essence or cream with property of retaining moisture. In spreading, spread gently like putting it on skin. It is important to take care not giving irritation to skin.

Guard face from pollen.

It is also important to have pollen not adhere to face. When you go out, wear mask or glasses. Have your hair up or tied-up to decrease adherence of pollens. As for clothes, it is recommendable to wear one made of material to which pollen is hard to adhere unlike wool.

Even if you have rough skin, it is recommendable to spread foundationIt is because if covered with foundation, pollens do not adhere directly to the skin.

Pay attention to material of mask, too. Choose mask made of material not burdensome to skin.

In blowing your nose, wipe gently.

There are many cases that skin around nose gets sores by blowing nose many times. In order to avoid it, wipe the skin with soft tissue or tissue with lotion.

Also, in blowing, wipe out the snot gently.

Lotion to make barrier of skin

“Yukka Water Vale” made by Shuishodo Pharmacy Co., Ltd. is water mist to make barrier against pollen.Just spray it over your face, then a vale is formed on your face to protect the skin from adherence of pollen.

In addition, it contains an ingredient to improve roughness of skin; to raise capacity of retaining moisture and protect skin from being dried.

Don’t forget lip care.

Lips are influenced by pollen, too. Spread lip cream on your lips sufficiently to protect them from being dried.

Do not make a sticky makeup.

Sticky cosmetics such as liquid foundation and liquid eye shadow are easy for pollen to adhere. In the pollen season, for eye shadow, use powder type instead of liquid type and for foundation, put on powder type on liquid type.

For those whose eyes are easy to be poisoned, it is recommendable to refrain from makeup burdensome to eyes such as eye lining during the season.

Choose cosmetics friendly to skin.

Choose cosmetics friendly to skin. Cosmetics without such ingredient irritative to skin is recommendable, as flavoring matters, synthetic surface activating agents, antiseptics and preservatives.

In particular, there are many sunscreens containing ingredients irritative to skin. Sunscreen of non-chemical is recommendable.

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