What is the effect of non-chemical sunblock? Organic to be selected.

We sometimes feel inconvenient to do UV care in summer when UV is strong, but skipping UV care can cause not only freckles and wrinkle but also allergy.
You might imagine sneezing and nasal congestion like hay fever when it comes to allergy, but UV allergy causes sensitive skin which can make it impossible to do make-up and put lotion.

Thus, many of you might put UV cream all around year, but have you ever heard that UV care is not good for skin?

UV cream contains lots of chemical components

Sunblock is said not good since it contains components which are burden for skin. If you know which components are bad, you may just select the one which
does not contain them. For example, there are 『titanium oxide, talc, and zinc oxide』.

When it comes to zinc oxide, this is the poisonous chemical component which can cause cancer, so this is rather bad for your body than for your skin. Small
amount is considered to be fine for daily life, so this is used in bathroom and cosmetics which can develop skin rash.
Users have to decide if we use them believing it causes no issue for our life or not use since there are risky elements.

There are no results if they are good or bad, but what we can say is using too much means getting soaked to poison. However, UV care is still necessary, so
what about non-chemical sunblock without any chemical components?

Non-chemical sunblock can be replaced?

Makers which make sunblock also considers components and sunblock made by brand makers include herb to reduce chemical components, but still it is not
non-chemical at all. Non-chemical sunblock is produced with herb or mineral as main components. Cost performance is not good since price tends to be high, but you can feel effects very well.

This might be a good item for mothers since even children and babies can use, however, we also hear that skin got rash since herb is used as main component to be non-chemical. The person who used non-chemical sunblock which uses chamomile got reacted on the same day and her skin got red with inflammation. It was very hard to remove inflammation.

Finally, she had to see Dermatologists but we have to keep in mind that 『we sometimes get reacted to herb』. In addition, there are non-chemical sunblock
whose main component is oil (for example jojoba oil and olive oil).

There are lots of cosmetics from overseas which are not sold in Japan. You might be careful if you try by importing by yourself since not being sold in Japan
means they have not met Japanese safety standards.

Utilizing UV cut item very well

In that case, we are doubtful if non-chemical sunblock is good or those sold in the market are good.
Just as one of protections, those who are allergic to traditional Chinese medicine and herb are suggested to use non-chemical sunblock after repeating patch tests.

However, you might not be reacted easily to those in the market which are made with chemical components, so you may use them if it is not for long hours.
Those who are allergic to chemical components might be suitable for non-chemical sunblock rather than those sold in the market. Anyway, what is recommended
is those made with less chemical components by adding some herb and mineral.

『Using cheap products might result in more medical expenses for seeing Dermatologists, so you might better select suitable one for you before getting skin
trouble』. In addition, you may use less sunblock by using UV cut items such as hats, parasols, cardigans, and underwear.

UV cut items are recommended since they are comfortable and cool biz for summer usage.
There are lots of products which can replace sunblock cream so please continue UV care with balanced selection.

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