Not only whitening! Ways to make mouth beauty.

Dentist is tooth doctor. From its name, many people imagine that dentists treat troubled teeth only. But nowadays, there are not a few dentists who put weight on health of tooth such as prevention of bad tooth, whitening of tooth and peeling of gum.

Why don’t you make full use of dentist? Aim at mouth beauty!

Removal of stain

When you get worried about yellow or darkening of teeth, removal of stain is recommendable. Stain from coloring matter of foods and drinks or tar of cigarette causes coloring of teeth. It can be removed to some extent by tooth blushing every after meal of every day.

However, it is difficult to clean out the stain completely by tooth brushing. Then, removal of stain comes.

With specialized equipment called air flow, you can have the stain removed completely in short time.After the treatment, you can have teeth with natural brightness and feel smooth and clean from your teeth.


Scaling is a method to remove plaque and tartar. Since plaque is hard to be removed by usual tooth blushing, it is necessary to ask dentist for scaling.As you know, plaque causes periodontal disease.

If left without any treatment, periodontal disease gets worse. By scaling, tissue around teeth gets restored and it restrains progress of the disease or prevents the disease.

By scaling, waste of foods left between teeth are removed at the same time and bad breath is restrained. Once tartars are removed and inflammation of the tissue is healed, gums used to be easy to bleed become hard to bleed.

Oral Reflexology

Oral Reflexology, a treatment by combination of several kinds of massage, is effective to heal swelling around mouth.

Taking neck muscles with fingers, making acupressure of mimetic muscles to accelerate discharge of body waste, stimulating salivary gland under chin, massage of gums with aroma oil, pushing the pressure point from inside of the lips, massage of lips, etc.

Full massage around and in mouth gives you good feeling. Perhaps you have not heard of oral massage because oral is not usually touched by others than dentist.
You are assured by the treatment that your swollen lips get recovered or you have good feeling from the refreshed neck.

Peeling of gums

With age, gums are getting dark from pink. Darkening of gums is one of factors of aged face!It is said that like teeth, coloring matter of wine and coffee is one of causes of the darkening of gums.

Like darkening of teeth, remove darkening of gums by peeling. You may fear by word of peeling that you have sticking pains. But, as the treatment is done after anesthesia, you do not feel any pain.

By peeling, color of gums gets back to pink. There are two ways of peeling treatment; one is by laser beam and the other is by chemicals. Compared to the laser beam, chemical peeling is more certain and takes less time.

Lip care

An attractive woman has charming lips. Even if face is beautiful, if lips are rough, the beauty should be regrettable. If you wish to have charming lips, try to take a lip care.

Spread hyaluronic acid on your lips and make massage like drawing circles.You can notice that the darkening is removed at once. Then pack your lips with wrap having water and cotton warmed so that the hyaluronic acid can permeate fully.

After that, spread moisture-retaining agent over the lips. It is effective to acceleration of making collagen. You will find that your lips gets clear and pinky.

Oral lymphatic gland care

Oral lymphatic gland care makes lymph circulation from head to face and neck smooth.
It accelerates blood circulation and is effective to periodontal disease and stiff shoulder.

It is also effective to dullness of skin. In taking lymphatic gland care, you will have so good feeling ae to get asleep. This is so relaxing treatment.

Goods available at dental clinic

At dental clinic, there are such goods are available as whitening tooth paste composed of urea peroxide which is same ingredient of whitening for home, lip cream and essence with which you can make an esthetic care at home, and mouth piece for night use to prevent nasolabial folds. With them, you can aim at mouth beauty at home.

It is good that we can buy easily at dentist’s.

Now, time has come when it is usual that dentists treat not only bad teeth but also total care of mouth. Try to find a dentist who can respond fully from reform of teeth occlusion to mouth care and anti-aging beauty care. Let’s aim at mouth beauty!

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