Nose is a point to make skin color beautiful! Remove darkening of nose with pack.

“Strawberry nose” is lovely name. But it means a trouble of beauty on the nose; pores clogged with stains and darkening of the nose. It comes from improper cleansing for long time, though most of the stains can be washed out.

Sheet for removal of cortex of nose used to be popular. In fact, one feels fine after taking away cortex and fats. But the sheet takes away necessary fats and clean cortex, too. As the result, pores get open and it causes an adverse effect.

As for the darkening, there are two cases; one is that pores are opened and clogged with stains and the other is that while pores are not clogged, there is darkening at bottom of skin.

Secret exists in how to use cotton!

When pores of nose have got large compared to other parts, the situation can be improved, provided it is depending on how to make cleansing. The following is a recommendable way as less burdensome to skin: oil cleansing for pointed makeup of nose, and ordinary cleansing with lotion for other parts.

How to use cotton is the point, too. As for nose, wipe from top to bottom of nose gently with cotton soaked with cleansing, and lastly wipe out nostrils.

In how to cleanse makeup, there is a difference among esthetic salons. The difference exists what they use in cleansing, cotton or towel or other thing. But it is common to make cleansing along texture of skin.

So, do not wipe nose in the adverse order; from nostril to top of nose. By using the cotton in the right way, you can get a good result.

Be cautious in use of scrub.

For sticky darkening, ordinary cleansing is not enough. There are two additional ways. One is to use scrub. After washing out makeup, cleanse only nose gently with scrub.

There are various kinds of scrub by components; seed of fruit origin, grain origin, sea mud, etc. As for size of scrubbing materials, fine one such as sea mud is recommendable.

If you use scrub as usual, it may give damage to healthy skin of the other parts. So, be cautious in use of scrub.

Because there are some cases that one who found an outstanding effect of scrub and continued to use it as usual and at last suffers from heavy dry skin.

How to choose oil

If scrub is insufficient, it is possible to add oil packing after usual face cleansing, before using scrub on nose. Oil pack is used for skin care, not limited to nose, for various reasons. Regarding the nose care, it makes stains of the pore easy to be separated from the pores.

While peeling is to peel out stains on skin mechanically, oil pack does not use mechanic force but just make strains easy to be separated with warmed oil. After the oil pack, skin becomes easy for made-up. Then, what oil is suitable for the oil pack?

Specialized oil for beauty care is no problem at all. In this case, the purpose is cleansing. For this purpose, such oil is usable as olive oil for cosmetic, almond oil and jojoba oil.

As jojoba oil contains an ingredient like one contained in skin of human being, it is friendly to skin. So, personally, I recommend it.

In the meantime, I hear that macadamia nut oil contains an ingredient which makes skin darkening. In case you are not familiar to oil pack, you had better choose another oil.

Do not scrub with towel during oil pack

During the oil pack, make the oil fit to your nose. After that, wipe out with cotton and make a steam pack with hot towel.

When the towel gets cool, take it away. This purpose is to make stains easy to be separated without damaging skin. So, do not scrub your skin with the towel.Friction and dryness are worst to skin.

After finishing the pack, wash your face and make scrub cleansing of your nose only.
You had better make oil pack and washing face every day, but not make scrub cleansing more than once per week.

Lastly after the cleansing, supply skin with enough water. As it takes long time to form the darkening of skin, it cannot be improved in a day or so. With this thought, try the nose care for two weeks at least. Then, you can notice the improvement.

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