Must read for single women! Couples to get divorced have problems with the way to get married! What are the characteristics?

Previously, we saw the result of researching that the forty-four out of a hundred women who got pregnant and get shotgun married have divorced.
The reasons why they divorced are various such as the situations that their husbands have affairs or don’t provide the cost of living. However, we found that there are some factors in their reason of marriage.

I think that there is no woman who gets married to get divorced. We can take countermeasures if we know the easy to get divorced marriage type.

Marriage is the goal or start?

When many men decide their marriage, it is likely there is something other than their love. They make marriage proposal to their girlfriends after making various decisions such as that “if they can take care of their women during all their lifetime(including economical matter)?” or “if they can really have their own family now?”, etc.

What about women’s thought? When I was young, I thought love of that I wanted to stay with my boyfriend leads the marriage, it means it is my goal.

Therefore, I was unaware of his decisions and I was in love with his words “I’ll make you happy” and “Be together”. The marriage, it is my goal and happy ending. In actuality, real life after marriage is not so easy.

If I must say, there are many problems in real life! Now I strongly feel that women also have to make their decisions before the marriage as the same as men in order to get over the problems. The marriage is just starting point of the second stage of your life.

Easy to get divorced marriage type

Well, think about the marriage which is the extension of your feeling that you want to stay with him. Does that marriage work with the only reason that you want to be together?

Thinking of recent marriage status, it has a big influence on the single women’s situations(environments or emotions).

Let me categorize the situations and introduce the representative marriage types. I heard that the following marriage types are going to be divorced with high probability.

Natural progression type: They lived together and felt just like that.

Last minute type: They were in rush to get married before they reach their age boundary.

Influence type: They influenced by marriage rush of their many friends.

Escaping type: They wanted to quit jobs.

Shotgun married type: It was an unavoidable situation because they were pregnant.

Stealing type: They ended up their affairs.

Do you think all these marriage types are based on self-centered ideas and not considering their partners? Don’t you think these are selfish purposes?

Some people would say that “the natural progression type” is not bad and they agree with it because both can understand their partners before getting married.

I think it is difficult to image why the natural progression type can be easy to be divorced. Let’s take a look at this type.

Natural progression type ? Are the couples who lived together really easy to be divorced?

What is the reason to live together? Generally, it begins with a situation that either one is started to stay long at the other’s home. Or as the days of sleepover are often, they consider and talk about living together for the economical reason.
They want to stay together all the time as they love each other, then they take action like this. There is no chain such as a marriage and they can stay together freely. Men don’t have to make commitments. For the record, there is no such a easy thing.

However, women can’t take it such a dragging thing. Living together is the way to marriage for women. No wonder that women start talking about marriage. If the term of living together is longer, women feel anxious if they are doing right things.

Well, finally they went through times of living together, and they are getting married which is admitted from the people. Does it work? Most of men think the marriage is the extension of living together so they don’t have commitment at this moment. Here is the factor of divorce.

If you want to get married after living together, both should have commitments. It is important to talk about the future until both of you are satisfied.

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