Make-up, hair style, and fashion. 12 hints to make you look slimmer.

All ladies hope to show their maximum charm with least effort. This might apply to you who wish to lose weight but can’t actually carry out that wish.

This article might be helpful for those who do not wish to go on a diet which is like torture, but still want to look slimmer. The key is fashion and make-up.
There is technique to be seen a little bit slimmer than you are actually with little trick and effort. You can be more attractive by using magic of color, design and
fashion items.

1.Magic of make-up

You can use magic of make-up to change your impression. Key is your eyes. 『Let’s make impressive eyes with mascara, eye shadows and eye liners.』 Your face looks smaller by making your eyes look bigger.
Cheek is another important point. The trick is to put cheek from little below cheekbones toward the temple rather than high above cheekbones which makes your
face look round.

2.Magic of bronze color

Olive color skin is the magic to be seen few kilos slimmer regardless it is artificial or natural. Let’s put cell tanning cosmetics around your cheekbones if you are
using it. This will help your face to be seen longer which results in slimmer impression.

3.Magic of legs

This might sound wired, but legs can help you to be seen slimmer. Let’s put oil along the line of central legs. You can shine up the parts around bones. By
highlighting vertical line of the legs, they look longer and thinner.

4.Magic of hair style

『Flowing gorgeous wave hair is the magic hair style to make your face look thinner.』 You may color up your face brilliantly by making restores hair.
You may also put some layers on the hair around your face to make your face look thinner.

5.Magic of color

『You may avoid clothes and items whose color is too bright』You had better not bring vivid color to the parts you are not focused on.
The color which put magic on you is black and dark navy. You definitely look few kilos thinner by using combination of these colors. Please use similar color tone if you would like to try some other colors.

6.Magic of patterns

『Vertical line and small print patterns are your Savior』You can wear skirts, pants, shirts and dresses with vertical lines.
Clothes with random small patterns can be another magic to make you look slimmer.

7.Magic of high waist and belt

『Please select high waist skirt and pants』if you want to hide your plump tummy. You might wonder why we focus on our tummy but please try to select some
It would be really great if you have found a belt which can make your waist look thinner.

8.Magic of skirt

If you like wearing skirt, you should avoid wearing those which are too short or too long.
Skirts which are too short makes your legs thicker while those which are too long add volume on you and make you look few kilos heavier. You should select
『medium long skirts 』if you want smart and chic clothing.

9.Magic of blazer and cardigan

『Blazer with dark color is the one to be prepared in the word lobe』Those which stop at your hip is the attractive item which is suitable for any figures.
The recommended style shall be just wearing that without putting any buttons. Cardigans can bring the same effect. You may wear long cardigans without
putting any buttons.

10.Magic of posture

You may not forget the influence of posture on your image. Loose posture has bad influence on your heart as well. You may lose your confidence and pride.
Solution is easy. 『You may straighten your back when you stand』You can change to be thinner and more stylish.

11.Magic of high heels

A pair of pumps and sandals which make your legs look thinner are suitable items for ladies who want to be seen slimmer. If you feel tight by wearing high heels, you can try those with platforms and wedge soles.

12.Magic o Accessories

Accessories can help you to remove people’s focus from your inferiority complex and bring focus on your attractive parts. Let’s utilize any accessories such as
hats, necklaces, a pair of earrings, and scarves which can help your charm to be more focused.

How were 12 hints which make you slimmer? Have you found the magic to make your dreams come true for being seen as slim as possible although you do not
have to become like super model (the fact is male prefers female who are bit chubby).
It is also fun to practice in front of mirror to be more attractive. We hope you can meet your new style with this article!

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