Look older by hands? Hand care to prevent from getting older and to be seen younger than actual age

Beautiful skin with enough tension can help us to be seen younger, so many people might spend a lot of money on face care products. However, how about your

You might be just putting some hand cream even though you use your hands too much every day. Actually, hands can easily tell our own ages. Age by looking
would get older if hands got many wrinkles regardless how beautiful your face is.

Therefore, why don’t you start hand care to prevent from getting older? Nobody might be able to guess your age if your hands change to smooth and young

1. Peeling

Many of you are peeling to remove old horny substance by scrubbing and facial packing. The same is needed for hands. 『The one which mixes coconut oil and
sugar to paste』is easy to make and recommended.

If you massage your hands with this, your hands get soft and smooth although freckles might not be removed. You may use around once a week depending on
your skin condition. 『Acid from lemon juice also has peeling effect』 and recommended.

You can also use the same peeling sold in the market which you use for your face.

Use moisturizer with more than SPF15

You can use moisturizer which includes sunblock effect of more than SPF15 such as milky lotion and hand cream. 『Sun light gives damage to collagen which
gives moisture and tension to the skin, and cause wrinkles as a result』.

Moisturizer with sunblock effect should be used every day even in winter when UV is rather weak.

Be considerate to your hands

You had better wear rubber gloves when working with water. Massaging your hands with oil such as olive and coconut oil after washing your hands is highly

We can expect more effect by wearing gloves during sleeping. You may also use the same mask as you use for your face.

Laser treatment can be also considered

Freckles which are already on your hands can fade with daily care, but if you expect certainty and instant effect, laser treatment can be considered.

Currently, 『Cost for laser treatment is not that expensive if treatment part is not large』, so you can get quotation by getting counselling at esthetic clinic.

If you feel unhappy just by looking at freckles, laser treatment can certainly make you happy with instant effect.

Take supplements

Vein on back of your hands get visible when you get older. This is one of the aging process and thinner skin and less elasticity of skin are considered to be the

This is because collagen and hyaluronic acid are getting less, therefore 『you can take collagen and hyaluronic acid』by supplements. You may also take 『vitamin C』which is antioxidant and has whitening effect.

These nutrition are also included in cosmetics so you can use these cosmetic more intensively.

How is it up to now? Basic is to do the same skin care to your hands as you do for your face. Let’s start hand care from today and change your hands to smooth
and lustrous ones.

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