Women, too, let’s start scalp care early. Here is easy way of scalp care to do by yourself at home.

It is a general image that scalp care is “for men” or “for those whose hair is thin”. But nowadays many women have made hair coloring and perm since their young hood, which means that they have continued to give damages to their scalp and hair..

So, it is better for women, too, to start scalp care early. Then, how should you do for scalp care at home and what goods are available for that?

1.Head spa at home with carbonate mousse

At spa, there is a course of head spa to wash pores of scalp thoroughly with carbonate mousse or carbonate mist. But there are some “who do not have beauty salons to provide head spa service in the neighbors” or “who do not have enough time to go for head spa”.

If you are in such situation, why don’t you make head spa at home? Carbonate mousse is sold. Choose and use one for body and hair, not for face.After making shampoo and wiping out excess water, spread the carbonate mousse on your scalp. Way of the massage is very simple; just massaging. Carbonate stimulates blood circulation. So, it is said that head spa is good particularly in change of the seasons.

2.Make scalp care with steamed towel once a week.

There are some who wrap the hair rinsed with steamed towel. The purpose is to have the rinse permeate well. Steamed towel can be used in scalp care, too, but for the purpose of removing stains from the scalp.

By warming scalp with steamed towel before making shampoo, stains clogging pores of the scalp get easy to be separated. As the result, the stains are easy to be removed by shampoo.

It is not necessary to use steamed towel frequently for the scalp care. Once a week is enough. When pore is clean, new hair grows firmly.

3.Use a brush specialized for shampoo in making shampoo.

There are some who scrub the scalp with nails to remove the stains. This should be stopped. Maybe they think it not enough to wash out the stains in a way to wash with finger cushion as generally said. For the scalp care, it is recommendable to use a brush specialized for shampoo.

The brush named shampoo brush sold by “Kao Merit” is available at drugstores. By use of such brush in making shampoo, stains of pores are cleaned out and hair washed is soft. The brush is recommendable in particular to those who have their nails cared because fingers are not used when the brush is used.

4.Start moisturizing care of scalp from now.

With age, scalp is getting easy to be dried. It is said to be due to decline of secretion of sebum. There are a lot of hair care goods for hair restoration. Some of them are good to make scalp moisturized and soft.

The goods are suitable to not only those who wish hair restoration but also those who wish to improve environment of scalp. While thinking “I am still young”, scalp is deteriorating more and more by ultra violet rays or so.

Make the moisturizing care from now, even though there is no need. Then you can always keep nice hair.there are the goods available at drugstores. Use good one and keep your scalp in good condition.

5.Take a supplement for hair.

Zinc is said to be good for hair. It is one of nutrients important to keep hair healthy. Liver and oyster contain much zinc, but it is not easy to take enough zinc only through meals.
So, it is recommendable to fill the shortage with supplement.

When zinc lacks, hair loses shine and becomes easy to come out. If you feel “Recently, hair has lost shine” or “Hair is dull”, try to take zinc much. Then, the situation will be improved.

Hair changes according to way of care. Those who think still young enough should pay more attention to scalp care. Scalp connects to face. When scalp is not good, it affects face. Let’s start scalp care from now.

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