It’s what we all wonder… Tips to have beautiful shiny hair that everybody envies

Have you ever thought, looking at a mirror, that you look older because your hair looks dull. It’s obvious that young people or children have shiny, healthy hair with smooth strands.

As you get older, however the hair becomes dry and dull. Furthermore each strand becomes less smooth. It’s important to keep your hair shiny, because it makes you look younger.

What damages your hair

There are several causes for your damaged hair: stress, sickness and extreme diet. If you don’t take enough nutrition, your hair become dull, dry and unruly.

You should be careful especially when you are on diet. You might loose a lot of hair.

Has it ever happened to you to loose a great deal of hair in fall, after the summer when you have had a lot of cold drinks? It’s very common. Therefore you shouldn’t have too much cold drinks.

How does the hair gets nutrition better

Massaging your scalp everyday is a great habit. It promotes blood circulation, so you might not want to miss it. Brushing doesn’t only comb your hair, but it also helps promoting blood circulation on your scalp.

However you must not massage the scalp too much. If you massage your scalp too hard, it may make you loose your hair instead of making it stronger.

Shampoo and conditioner

If the root of the hair is dirty, nutrition can’t get to your hair. It’s important to wash the scalp more than your hair when you use shampoo. You should wash out gently all the dirt around the root of the hair.

After washing your hair with shampoo, rinse and dry your hair lightly and then put conditioner. After that, we recommend you to cover your hair with hot wet towel.

This step can be too much trouble for some people, but it’s better not to skip this step if you want to have healthy shiny hair, which makes you look younger.

After washing your hair

After washing your hair at night, have you ever slept without drying it completely? Sleeping with your hair wet would damage your hair by rubbing it against pillows or a blanket.

Therefore you should always dry your hair before sleeping. Put leave-in conditioner before you use a hair dryer.

Your hair needs a lot of care. You will have beautiful shiny hair by taking a good care of it everyday.

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