How to have your eyes looked a size larger by improvement sag of eyelids.

With age, face and body are sagging. Nasolabial hold becomes outstanding and clear chin line becomes double chin with face sagging, and eyes come to look smaller with eyelids sagging.

It is not only because of age that eyes come to look smaller with eyelids sagging. Sag of eyelids can be improved by removing the causes and by exercise and skincare. By improving the sag, you can have your eyes looked a size larger.

What are causes of the sag

One of causes of the sag is decline of muscular strength.Like body, muscular strength of face declines with age. Muscular strength of eyelid is as well. In particular, frequency of eyelid’s movement is enormous.

Muscular strength is declining if muscle is not used. But overuse raise burden. Meanwhile, when you keep watching PC monitor for long time, for example, eyes get dried and burden to eyelids increases.

Dryness of eyelid itself causes the sag, too.Skin of eyelid is thin and sebaceous gland of eyelid is little. This is the reason why eyelid is easy to be dried. Decline of muscular strength and dryness cause sag of eyelid. Increase of fat does as well.

Exercise is a way to improve sag of eyelid.

Exercise is necessary to recover muscular strength and it improves the sag of eyelids. I would like to introduce an easy exercise for eyelids as follows:

・Push forehead with fingers of both hands.
・Open eyes as widely as possible. In doing this, keep the forehead not to move.
・Count three. Repeat it fifteen times.

Very easy, isn’t it? Try to do every day.

Massage by pushing the pressure points to improve sag of eyelids

Massage by pushing the pressure points makes blood circulation well. You can improve the sag by this.

There is a pressure point called “Gyoyou ” in the hollow just under center of eyebrow. When this point is pushed, one feels a kind of pain. Way to massage the point is to make acupressure as taking center of eyebrow with thumb and forefinger. Be careful not to do too strongly.

There is the second pressure point called “Sanchiku” at the nose sided edge of eyebrow. This point is for the short sighted and long sighted, or headache. Push the point with thumb or forefinger.

There is the third pressure point called “Taiyo” between tale of eye and tale of eyebrow. This point is to mitigate eyestrain and make yourself refreshed.

Retain moisture of skin around eyes

Dryness is also a cause of sag of eyelid. Make enough moisture retention around the eyes Eye cream or essence specialized for eye is effective, I think. But in making the care, you should pay attention to the bellow.

Skin around eyes is easy to be dried. Cleanse out carefully with cleansing agent specialized for the eye. Excess scrubbing causes sags and lines. In particular, be careful of such cosmetics hard to cleanse out as mascara.

Point is to put tissue or cotton containing cleansing agent on the skin around eyes, and keep it for a while.

Do not overwork eyes.

Shortage of sleep or overwork of eyes also causes the sag of eyelids. Take enough sleep. When you do PC work for long time, for example, take a rest every one hour for having your eyes take a rest.

If you have itches on your eyes due to pollen, etc., do not scrub the eyes. It gives burden to eyelids and skin around the eyes. Take a countermeasure to pollen to avoid the itches.

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