Fight back the cold and dry weather! Hand and nail care tips for winter

In winter, the air is dry so your hand skin gets rough easily. Nevertheless you have to work with hands everyday, so it’s hard for your skin to heal.

We will show you hand and nail care tips that you can use to treat your hands in cold winter.

Treat your hands everyday

If you feel that your hands and nails are easily damaged, you should take a closer look at what you do to your hands in everyday life.

1, Washing the hands too many times

In winter, it’s important to wash your hands regularly to prevent getting sick, isn’t it? But don’t you over do it sometimes? If you wash your hand too many times, it will remove oil on your hands, so that your hands and hangnails will be dry.

If you have to work with your hands, do everything at once, so that you will wash your hands less.

2, Housework

We need to do housework everyday. We need to wash dishes and wipe the dust off the furniture. No wonder you have rough hands. If that’s the case, we recommend you to wear rubber gloves while doing housework. Wearing gloves reduces the damage to your skin.

3, Don’t apply enough hand cream

It’s important to apply hand cream every time you wash your hands. You also have to apply it if you feel your hand skin dry.

It’s better to keep hand cream everywhere: next to a hand soap in the bathroom, next to a dishwashing liquid in the kitchen, on the desk at work, on the night stand next to the bed, etc. Even a lazy person won’t have any excuse not to use it, if you can easily find hand cream anywhere.

Intensive hand care

If you feel that your hands are rough from the cold weather outside or from the house works inside, you can try this intensive hand care which is quite relaxing.

Step 1: Wash your hands

We touch so many objects with hands. Your hands get dirty very easily. So you need to wash your hands clean, gently by lathering the soap well. Make sure to wash between your fingers, palm and wrist. You can use a fingernail brush to wash under the fingernails.

We recommend you to use a soap free hand wash with moisturizer which will protect your hands as well as cleaning them. Rinse it off thoroughly with lukewarm water.

Step 2: Massage the hands and arms

After washing hands, while your hands are still wet, massage your hands and arms. Apply a small amount of serum from your elbows to nails, pushing the skin slowly to massage it well. You can push hard with your fingers when you massage.

Massaging your arms and hands helps the blood circulation so that enough nutrients, such as collagen and elastin, will reach the skin. It will make your skin firm and moist. Your skin will get more moisture by applying serum with wet hands.

It is also very relaxing to do a massage, on top of improving your skin condition. You can do it whenever you feel tired. Make sure your hands and fingers are well moisturized at the end.

Step 3: Keep your hands moisturized

After applying serum, apply hand cream that is very moisturizing on your hands and wrists. You can keep using what you already have, but we recommend you to use the Vaseline. Leave the hand cream on your skin to penetrate, and then reapply it.

Apply the hand cream twice on top of serum will keep your hands well moisturized. If you wish, you can wear 100% cotton gloves before sleeping. The skin on your hands and fingers will be firm and moist in the morning. Your nails and cuticles will be soft and well moisturized as well.

You should wash your globes after each use, to wash out the remaining cream. It’s better to do this one night treatment once a week. If you do it more than that, it may cause your skin itch.

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