Gray hair makes you look older…prevent by taking supplement earlier and doing brushing care

The elements which make us look older include sag, wrinkles, freckles and gray hair. Even young people may have gray hair but this is one of the elements which can make you look older.
We might use hair dye to prevent us from looking older, but the fact that gray hair can be prevented and improved with early care is not known very well.
You might have heard of some stories such as gray hair can be removed and your hair can get beautiful if you eat seaweeds like Kombu, or gray hair will be gone
if you eat black sesame every day, but are they really true? We have checked with a beautician.

Are seaweeds and black sesame really effective for gray hair?

First of all, we check about seaweeds if they are good for making hair quality better and hair color black. The result is…mineral from seaweeds give nutrition to
our hair so quality gets better.
However, eating only seaweeds will rather prevent nutrition from reaching our hair, so we need to have the balanced diet. In addition, 『we had better eat not
only seaweeds but also isoflavone which is included in soy beans intensively since it is good for hair.』
These are also good to keep the balance of female hormone, so it is understandable that hair is deeply related to hormone. So, soy bean products such as soymilk and tofu for food.
Please note that tofu refuse is dietary fiber. Regarding the point if eating seaweeds can reduce gray hair, seaweeds and soybeans can make hair quality better but we can barely expect the effect of making gray hair black…
Black element is by melanin so it is understandable that we can’t take this from seaweeds. Even beauticians have never checked this point before, so we have
checked the components of black sesame this time.

Surprising! Ancestor’s wisdom is wonderful! 『Hormone is also included in black sesame like isoflavone, and can help us to get higher hair quality and prevent hair from losing melanin pigment!』
Therefore, we can’t expect seaweeds to make gray hair black but we can expect black sesame for that effect.

Single Item! Effect of black sesame sesamine!

It is hard to take sesamine only from food, so supplement can help us. For example, we can take isoflavone which can be taken from soybeans and black sesame
sesamine efficiently by supplement.
In addition, there is a supplement called black supplement which was developed by physicians for improving grey hair and thinning hair.
Cost performance is not very good but has good impression since it includes good quality vitamin like biotin which is good for skin and mucous membrane.
If you are not desperate and just want to start gray hair care now, black sesame sesamine is recommended instead of expensive products sold as multi package.
In addition, if you have partial gray hair only, supplement is good but having brushing habit is also recommended!

Can brushing reduce gray hair?

It is useless not to do brushing even if you take expensive supplement. It is said that not so many people are doing brushing properly every day. Just adjusting
hair in the morning can’t be considered as good brushing.

A brush used for brushing need to be carefully selected to suit our own hair style and quality. 『Animal hair brush is considered to be good』. For example, those
using hair of pigs and wild boars are good….
Unfortunately, brushes using pigs can be seen in drug stores but we can seldom find brushes using wild boars here. Anyway, brushes using these kinds of animal hair give good stimulation to hair skin and improve blood circulation. It can prevent gray hair by increasing metabolism.
However…, maintenance of brushes is not easy! You might know if you have ever used them, but brushes get fat and dust from head skin easily, so washing and drying is necessary, otherwise it becomes “brush which we do not want to touch”.
In that case…we tend to select a brush made with chemical fiber. There are two types of brushes with chemical fiber. The one is nylon and the other is
polyethylene. Beauticians recommend polyethylene brushes.
The reason is polyethylene is not easy to produce static electricity. Static electricity is the worst enemy which damages hair, so brushing softly with polyethylene
brush is important not to damage hair and head skin.
Let’s pick up the proper item for brushing to provide proper gray hair care.

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