Easy Party Hair Do for long hair 1

We hear often the girls who has beautiful long hair are not very good at doing their own hair arrangement. The hair pin pops up, get untied, can not tie them tight enough…etc there are so many worries to talk about. Even I have too much hair and frizzy hair so cut them but no help. My hair goes everywhere and expands. I understand it is a tough life for those of you who has hair like me. …well, leave my moans and let me tell you how to keep my hair with a headband to look dressy style.

You only need one headband!

You don’t need any hair ties or hair pins at all. Even if you are clumsy one, that’s ok. You don’t need to go to the hair salon so you can save time and money. This is a must to have skill.

If you have semi long to long hair and you have headband with you, then you should try!

Take a look at this great volume of long hair.

Even I think this is too much. Please ignore the messiness or frizzyness. I just washed my hair and went to sleep straight away and I know this is not a good idea for girls.

So just put on my headband on this frizzy hair, no tricks at all. Just put it on. Here you go.

Take a small amout of your hair from right side ( can be from left) of your parting and curling them inwards from hair roots.

After you have curled 2 to 3 times, take the bundle with your left hand and have your right hand fingers from the back of the headband to take the bundle from the front. It sounds complicated if you read this but when you try it, it’s easy!

Once you get the bundle hair underneath your headband, pull it hard to backward.

Take about the same amount of your hair from right next to the one you did and curl them inwards again.

Put them together with the one you just did and curl it twice!

Take all these hair underneath the headband like you again.

Do the same thing again 2 to 3 times until you reach to your neck joint. It depends on amount of your hair but it doesn’t matter how many times you need to do.

Do the same thing on the otherside, twist and put them underneath the headband, twist under the headband…. Do not forget to keep it tight when you are putting your hair under the headband.

Keep the last bunch without twisting them.

Put all together with the left out hair and twisted hair and curl them in (inwards or outwards), then put all your hair underneathe at very bottom of your headband.

Finished! Take a look on your right, left and the back.

How does it look? If you find anywhere it loosen, try to put them inside your hair!

It does look it may fall but this is very tight! Feels like your hair is supported from top of your hair.

By the way, we did this arrangement from top to bottom this time but you can also do from bottom to top and it will look like this.

A little bit look like a Greek mythology?

It almost the same as the one we did. When you tell your friends that both arrangements used only one headband! They all surprise. Let’s try and spread to your friends! lol

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