Dress up your fingers and this is how to care your nails at home

Usually gets careless for your fingers even you take care well for your facial and body. Quite a lot of people looks at your fingertips and make them disappointed even you are dressed up well.
I will introduce how to take care your nails and fingers at home easily for those of you who does not go to nail salons.

Don’t need to put nail polishes but take care your cuticles!

Do you treat your cuticles? Not may people who does not wear nail polish won’t care much than people who wears nail polish.
It wills changes a lot just to care your cuticles. If you can not take your cuticle easily, then it’s better to do it after taking bath while your cuticles are still soft so why don’t you add the cuticle treatment at your bath time?
You do not need to treat your cuticle everyday. It’s enough in once a week at the most. It just takes one day of your week so let’s treat your cuticle well.

Shine your nails and be healthy by using nail oil

You probably put on hand creams on your hands and fingers but do you put on anything on your nails? Some people put on hand creams on their nails but it won’t give the nails with shine and moisture. The nail oil is what you need.
You will need nail oil for your cuticle treatment. Apply it on your nail roots and massage your fingers to get soaked. Of course it’s ok to use on your nails and give the shine on your nails by soaking the oil.
Some of the products will strength your nails so if you nails breaks easily or you get hangnails, these are good for you.

Don’t cut your nails but polishing is the best! Polish surface of your nails too

Sometimes your nail breaks when you try to cut grown nails. This is because your nails are weakened and not only few women have this problem so be careful.
To avoid breaking your nails to polish your nails with nail files and not to cut them so the nails won’t break.Not just for breaking your nails this will avoid to scratch your nails so if you have thin nails it is good for you.
Polish the surface of your nails will takes off the lines on your nails and your fingertips will look cleaner. If you have the lines on your nails will causes to get peeled the surface so take a good care quickly.
The fingers and nails will get beautiful with a little bit of care. Sometimes you get lazy but let’s try to take care everyday and become fingernail beauty!

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