Be aware of it! Shampoo and Body soap are different in the following points!

It is needless to say that shampoo is for washing hair and body soap is for washing body and each cannot be alternative to the other.

If there should be combined one, it would be very convenient. But there is none. In the course of checking the reason, I found one of causes to rough skin of shoulder and back came

Ingredients for washing are same

Ordinary soap is to wash body and hands. There is shampoo soap, and as its name, it is possible to wash hair by a washing ingredient composed in the shampoo soap.

That is, ingredients to wash stains out are same both for body and for hair. The ingredient itself is no problemFurther speaking, washing ingredients in dish detergent and tooth paste are basically same as those of shampoo and body soap.

If you wash your hair with body soap?

Those who have an experience to wash hair with body soap know that their hair got entangled or squeaked, I think

Now, you understand that washing ingredients of shampoo and body soap are same and shampoo has an ingredient not to have hair entangled or squeaked, too.

The ingredient not to have hair squeaked is “silicon”.

Though many makers have developed and begun to sell non-silicon shampoo,Silicon has been traditionally used as coating agent for hair.

When hair gets wet, cuticles of hair get open and hair is easy to be entangled. Many soaps and non-silicon shampoos do not have coating agent for hair. So, when washed with them, hair gets easy to be entangled.

Now there are many non-silicon shampoos available with the coating agent instead of silicon.

In order to wash out wax and hairspray

There are many men and women who use wax or hairspray or non-wash type hair treatment for blowing.

In order to wash out these materials, more washing power is required. Therefore, potion of washing ingredient in shampoo is more than that in body soap.

This means that when shampoo is used as body soap, it washes out sebum excessively or gives irritation to sensitive skin.

Insufficient washing shampoo out is a cause of rough skin?

This is my experience in my childhood. I had rough skin and itches on my shoulder and back. I went to hospital. According to a doctor of dermatology, there was much possibility that shampoo was left on shoulder and back, and this caused rough skin and itches.

As mentioned above, ingredients not to have hair entangled and squeaked are contained in shampoo and hair rinse. These ingredients are useless to skin and may cause irritation to skin.

As conclusion, shampoo and body soap is quite different from each other, and most of them cannot be used for each other. It is important touse separately for hair and body, and wash out shampoo and rinse without leaving on body.

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