No fighting! Tricks for finding a place to share with your partner

The first thing you do will be apartment-hunting when you decided to live together with your boyfriend. Even though many couple start searching for a dwelling, there are many people who fight because of differences of opinion. We will introduce some apartment-hunting tips which we learned from our friends’ actual experiences without having arguments.

Decide an effective order

First, if you live together, it is ideal to see each other’s parents beforehand. It is the best to start living together with approvals of each other’s parents. In the case of a wedding, many couples already get their parents’ agreements.

However, not so many people get their parents’ approvals if they start living together without getting married. Without getting parents’ agreements, it might be a cause of trouble when something happens later.

Second, discuss firmly the start date of cohabitation and distribution of payments. When you share a room with your partner, there are many things you need to split the cost with. Except rent, you need to go halves on expenses, such as water, heating and electricity, and foods.

You should know how much money you and he will make a payments monthly. It is better to know about monthly payments even if you manage the family budget. If you have discussed that far ahead, start house-hunting!

Points to be checked before house-hunting

If you already talked about the above mentioned things, it is important to make sure of commuting distance to each other’s work. If you and your partner’s workplaces are close, it is okay. However, if you go to work in a direction opposite to your partner, you need to confer with him about living neighborhoods before you start living together.

Commute time is very important. If your time spent to work is long, the major load rests on you. It will be good to look for a place you can go to work with short hours of commuting as much as possible.

In addition, you need to think about layout of houses. Talk about a mutually acceptable compromise on layout in advance. Otherwise, you might have a quarrel in the last minute.

Before you visit real-estate offices

You should know about a loan officer’s full name and occupation before you go to real-estate offices. After you made a decision, sometimes you need to fill out a contract immediately. You need to write the loan officer’s personal information down since you will have trouble if you don’t know this information.

It is better to visit real estate offices together to avoid blaming each other later. Take counsel together to realtor and find a wonderful place to live with your lover.

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