Go on a trip! Love will increase while traveling


Do you often travel with your boyfriend? While traveling, you will have great experiences and memories with him. You will see an unexpected side of him and love him more. This time, we will introduce some recommended traveling places with your boyfriend and tell you the effect of traveling.

Go to foreign countries if you want to strengthen your relationship

Normally, a date involves going out to karaoke, outlet malls, or movie theaters. If you think your date shows no originality, how about leaving on an overseas trip with him? You might feel worried about going on a trip abroad alone, but you will start to get excited and have fun with him.

Our recommendation is Hawaii. There are many repeat customers in Hawaii, so local people are get used to talking to non-English-speakers. Even if you are not good at speaking English, you won’t have much trouble in Hawaii.

Even if your English will be lost on local people, you can communicate with gestures and words with him. Breaking the language barrier with him promotes boyfriend-girlfriend bonding. If he is good at speaking English, you will be in love with seeing his a new aspect of him.

Go to hot-spring areas if you want to have a peaceful time

Are you crying over something like this? “We don’t have time for dating because of too much work,” or “We don’t have time for dating.” If you are short of time for seeing your partner, we recommend you to visit hot-spring areas as a destination.

If it is difficult to take your boyfriend out because he is very tired from work, don’t make many plans. Just relax in a hot spring bath. Hot springs are beneficial because they get rid of tiredness.

Your boyfriend will happily go with you. How about enjoying Japanese style bathrobes and to get relaxed with walking a hot-spring resort?

Climbing mountains if you want to remove the cause of worry

Are you troubled over something like this? “We have quarrels a lot,” or “”We easily have a silly squabble.” If you’re worrying over these things, go to the mountains. You will both become relaxed by feeling connected to nature and contacting with animals.

If it is a good season for watching constellations in the night sky, enjoy a view with your partner while drinking alcohol. Abundant gifts from nature might make your concerns seem petty. If you can come closer to a waterfall or river, you will be relaxed by getting negative ions physically and mentally.

Depending on locations, you might be able to enjoy seasonal events with him. You can enjoy skiing and snowboarding in the winter and picking mushrooms and seeing the colorful autumn leaves in the fall. Some resort inns and lodges allow pets, so you will enjoy the sense of mood of a family trip.

Go to theme parks if you want to reduce stress

If both of you have a stress-filled job, we encourage you to go to theme parks to relieve of stress. Shout with joy by riding a thrill ride and take a picture with your favorite theme park character. You will soak in the fun atmosphere of being a kid again with him. If you stay at hotel near theme parks, you can have fun all day long.

Avoid quarreling while traveling

Both of you need to pay careful attention to each other to avoid the following comments: “I have come all the way here to have a good time with him and I’ve had a quarrel. As a result, we couldn’t enjoy traveling.”

Lack of plans or troubles could be a motive for arguments, so plan well for a trip with the inclusion of these troubles. In addition, it is good that making an agreement with him not to have a quarrel and to be nice to each other.

Keep in mind to pay careful attention to each other while traveling. After the trip, be overtaken with a wave of love.

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