Is it true? Like this girls can’t be popular among boys

Rumors spread widely through in the world. Without concern for truth, all anyhow you become curious about rumors about being popular or not. Is it really true? Or just an urban legend. We will introduce some rumor you will be curious.

Point 1: A girl wears striped clothes can’t be popular

It sounds like just a lie, but this is a true story. This story get published last year. Striped clothes give a casual impression unless you are a sophisticated woman. It seems like striped clothes create less femininity.

Men’s tastes run to natural and frank girls. Striped clothes give an impression such as girl-next-door look, but it seems like men doesn’t feel like they would want to protect such girls.

If you wear a striped T-shirt, it may be good to wear with a skirt. You might need to do all kinds of things to look more womanly when you wear a striped clothes.

Point 2: A girl spends over $300 for shoes can’t be popular

Pretty, high-fashion shoes, such as Christian Louboutin and Jimmy, are almost always very expensive. Even if you don’t go that far, many girls buy shoes on impulse at different seasons.

That’s because on some comics, it is said that extraordinarily attractive shoes will take you some great places. Even if you have a gorgeous hair style and perfect clothes, it might ruin everything if you wear ugly shoes.

However, this is just women’s set of values. Sadly, men don’t care about women’s shoes. All they can think are that “it seems hard to walk” or “You will get taller than me if you wear such high heels”

That’s why men will evaluate you as a high-maintenance women if you spend lots of money on shoes. Whatever you do, don’t tell him how much your shoes cost!

Point 3: A girl don’t get red with drinking alcohol can’t be popular

Don’t you think girls who turn red straight away soon after drinking alcohol are cute? Aren’t you making excuses to yourself that your face doesn’t blush easily, so I’m in a disadvantageous position?

Girls who turn red straight away after drinking alcohol will enjoy popularity among men. However, no matter what you do, it works only till early 20s. Before making excuses, think about your actions at drinking parties. Aren’t you drinking too much because your face won’t turn red easily?

You are too old for drinking too much, and this action isn’t good things for mature women. The more you drink, the more fun everybody has. However, that’s it. You will get in a position of a funny heavy drinker from this action, not a girlfriend.

Drink as much alcohol as you want only at a girls only party (or drinking at your girlfriend’s house) is best. Make sure to only of consume a moderate amount of alcohol when drinking with men.

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