Be creative with texts! Simple methods to attract men

Never know men’s feeling from texts

Can’t understand men’s feelings from texts

Women unintentionally try to read men’s feelings from their texts. If you don’t get a reply rapidly, you might check your cellphone and ask yourself the following questions: “Have I said something wrong?” and “Did I use wrong words to him?”

No matter how hard you think about, it might be a wasted effort. Men are not like women, and they are not attached to texts at all. Texts are just a line of communication for men.

Women think texts become connected them together while they can’t see each other. It’s happen only for women that they doubt of men’s loves from not getting a reply. Don’t expect too much of getting reply from men.

Use a little ingenuity for daily texts to capture men’s heart

To capture man’s heart is up to texts while you can’t see him. Try hard to resist your serious desire to send texts to him. Control yourself and try not to send a nosy texts, such as checking his schedule.

Be more aware of his pace of replies and keep pace with him. As a starter, try not to reply immediately. If he replied to you an hour later, send a text back to him an hour late. If it is not emergency, you may not give a reply to him once in a while.

Before you know it, the shoe will be on the other foot. Then he start chasing after you, changing his pace, and sending texts to you. If you can get used to taking effective control of frequency of sending texts to him, you will be able to control your emotion.

In a normal situation, it is more effective if you could follow the above advices at the beginning of a new relationship. You should try even if you are already in a relationship. If you change, he will open up the possibility for change. If you are holding your cellphone worrying and waiting his response, try to change yourself!

While you were waiting his response, did he accommodate a request from you? Did he start to reply faster than before? Did you receive an affectionate text from him? Maybe it won’t change the situation if you are just waiting his reply. Don’t think about it is just a text. First, you should be a lady who can control texts.

If you change yourself, you will be positive. Creating a positive mood makes you an attractive woman. Then your boyfriend will make a change. If you change yourself, your boyfriend will work toward change too.

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