Quarrels deepen love. Handling methods after love fights


If you have been seeing your boyfriend for a long time, you might start quarreling about putting buttons into the wrong buttonholes. Arguing is better than. When you have a quarrel with him, it is a good chance to deepen your connection to him.

However, your relationship could be better or worse after having quarrels. It’s up to how you deal with it after the arguments. I will tell you some methods for how to handle getting a quarrel with your boyfriend.

First, apology

It is a fact you got mad or returned harsh comments to him even if he made a cause for the argument or a cause is his an unacceptable comment to you. If you say sorry to him about the argument, he will get carried away. So, apologize to him for speaking harshly.

He might excuse himself or pretend not to care. He may not express his honest emotions even though he thinks it was his fault. It is important that both of you remain calm.

Forget about having arguments

Men don’t like women to complain about past arguments. That’s why it is better not to mention anything about past arguments after you have gotten over then.

If you can’t accept about something, you should talk properly about what you can’t be satisfied and resolve the matter with him before you apologize. At that time, do not blame him, like “You are wrong.” It is good to tell him what you can’t understand and to suggest your ideas.

Don’t have arguments with same cause

For example, if you start arguing over how he doesn’t put his dirty clothes into the laundry machine, don’t start quarreling over his laundry way. If you get mad about it every time, it makes you tired.

You need to talk about solutions before reconciling. If putting laundry into the laundry machine is difficult for him, suggest him some different ways, such as putting them into a basket. Then get over a quarrel.

This is true for other topics, not just laundry. It is same story if he doesn’t get in touch with you. It is troublesome for him if you’re upset because he doesn’t make a special effort to keep in touch with you. He might not want to spend time with you because you are bothersome.

Having arguments are necessary. However, it is ideal to make a good relationship with your boyfriend that you can meet each other halfway when you have arguments.

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