Hurt men’s feelings? Understand men’s real feelings

Haven’t you ever had the following experience: when you give compliments to your boyfriends or your sweetheart for working hard, they didn’t become so happy? You thought you gave them high praise, but they thought you made sarcastic remarks. It is hard to know how men are really feeling. We researched men’s true inner feelings for girls.

Understand a real meaning

As a matter of fact, men are kind of troublesome creatures. These two points are totally different between to make a boast and to be complimented, and it is often being misunderstood.

For instance, a man may show off about earning lots of money, but in fact he wants to get compliments about his hard work. He doesn’t want to be praised about making lots of money.

Some of the men we researched have mentioned that there had not been so many girls who could give praises to the right spots. It sounds like they feel a great deal of fondness for girls who can understand men’s real feelings.

Giving compliments with your nose in the air isn’t good

If men feel uncomfortable or irritating by receiving compliments, it’s a bad compliment way. They take it as condescending compliments. Indeed, men sometimes think girls give compliments in an attitude of haughtiness even though girls may think they are compliments.

For example, it might sounds like condescension if men get praises about something girls are good at. They do mind if girls can do better than men for something men good at, such as driving and do-it-yourself carpentry.

On the other hand, they don’t mind so much if men get praises about something girls are good at, such as sewing and cooking.

If you can aim compliments to the right spots, you attract men

Men like girls who can understand the real meaning and hit compliments to the right spots. It is likely those girls fascinate men well. Men are satisfied with what they’ve done for their sweethearts from their smiles, and it links to love.

So, they are happy to receive compliments and appreciations, such as “Thanks for taking me to the fancy restaurant” and “You are amazing because you know about this wonderful restaurant.”

If you don’t have a boyfriend now, try to understand men’s real feelings and aim compliments to the right spots! Start to be a people pleaser.

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