No money? Here is some moneyless date ideas

Compared to the old days, men’s salaries have been cutting down. Because of wage reduction, not so many people have following romantic dates like TV drama: eating at fancy restaurants which you have to make a reservation and staying at a high-class hotel.

Before a payday, it is especially hard to go on a date. What he really wants is enjoying dates without spending a lot of money. So, what kind of a girl a man likes?

Men like girls who can suggest moneyless date ideas to someone as opposed to heavy expenditure dates for him. We introduce some moneyless date plans even if you don’t have a lot of money before a payday.

Take a walk with cellphones or cameras on beautiful day

How about going for a walk with him with camera if you like taking pictures? If you don’t have a digital camera, it is fine to use a cellphone camera. It will be fun to take pictures of each other or beautiful scenery when you go for a walk.

It will be much more fun if you bring foods, snacks, and drinks from home. When you get tired, take a break on a bench. You will find joy in eating foods you brought on the bench with him and sharing pictures both of you took. Try it on beautiful days.

Watch movies on rainy days

You can go to the movies, but how about renting DVDs and watching them at home? It will be amusing to rent DVDs of TV series you have never seen before and to start watching them together.

It is a good idea to share each other’s favorite movies. In addition, it is a good idea if you make simple snacks and eat them while watching movies.

If you like doing exercise…

It will be good to go out on a date with him at park. Purchase some playable toys at dollar stores and take them to the park. You could make a refreshing change in a different atmosphere than usual if you make a box lunch, bring a picnic blanket, and talk to him in a relaxed mood at the park.

If you make a delicious picnic lunch, you can attract him with your great cooking skill. In addition, you could reduce your stress by doing exercise together. There are many ways you could enjoy dating even if you can’t afford it. Think about making some date plans both of you can enjoy.

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