Three things you should do to get married with a low budget

Would you like to spend time with your sweetheart in the future? You have only a low budget, but you want to get married with your partner. If he hesitates to take the opportunity to propose to you because he doesn’t have much money, here are some tips to help you.

Make a plan to move in together

First of all, make out a plan for living together to reduce his worry about money.
If you could attract him by telling that moving in together saves money, he might think about the marriage positively.

If both of you live alone, you can save fees of apartments by living together. Promoting to living together might help your situation. Second of all, it is good that you suggest meeting each other’s parents when he decided to live together. The reason is they might naturally ask you about marriage.

Propose to her without an engagement ring

Engagement rings cost a lot. It may help your situation by telling him that you are happy being proposed to even if you don’t receive an engagement ring at the same time of his proposal.

After deciding about getting married, you get him to buy an engagement ring by setting realistic expectations for you and him, considering each other’s savings and family finances. Also, he can use a ring from his mother’s engagement ring. He can ask his mother about it after he proposes to you.

For having a wedding

You might feel having a wedding ceremony and reception is impossible if your current savings are vanishingly low. Having a wedding ceremony and reception is not something you can plan in a day. You need at least six months.

After deciding to get married, you can save money. If both of you save money, you can pile up $500 monthly. If you could put $500 away monthly, it is possible to save $3,000 in the future. If you have $3,000, you can have a wedding ceremony and ceremonial dinner with your family.

Ask each other’s parents advice for a wedding ceremony and reception. Many parents are happy that their child having a wedding. So, having a wedding is ideal even if you have a small wedding. There are marriage agencies for someone who has a low budget, so it is better to use those places.

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