Methods of having a wedding without spending lots of money

When a couple decides to get married, they need to settle on the details about a wedding ceremony and reception. It costs a lot if you want to do various things, such as having many entertainments, decorating a room with gorgeous ornaments, and wearing a gorgeous wedding dress.

If you have no money, but you don’t want to compromise your wedding reception, there are some ways to have a dream wedding. If you want to celebrate your wedding with the half value of the market price, you must read this article.

Consider not holding your wedding at hotels

It often costs a lot having your wedding at a hotel. There are many limitations, such as certain prohibited wedding goods, because some hotels cooperate with department stores.

You would get almost the same price of estimates from a wedding consulting office in a department store and hotels. In addition, wedding magazines said that the average cost of wedding receptions is about $30,000.

When you see this price, you might think having a wedding reception could be difficult. However, costs of a wedding reception are up to location. It is a good idea if you look for wedding information on the web.

Have a small wedding with family and throw the second wedding party with friends

In recent days, the number of couples having a small wedding with only family is increasing. There are places which hold a wedding ceremony for only $400. Also, some places offer a wedding reception for about $1,000, and they offer food for family members after a wedding ceremony.

If you’re having your wedding far away from where your relatives live, it could be cheaper to make a courtesy call for them. However, you need to consider both families’ opinions to prevent fights among relatives and families before you do this.

It is a good idea to have a party for friends and coworkers by receiving membership fees from them. You will receive party fees from your guests, so your expenses will be only charges for an organizer and gifts expenses if you play bingo. Doing these plans makes change for your wedding costs.

Ask help of event producers

These days, the number of wedding planners who produce whole wedding details for you is increasing. It is easy to see the total cost of your wedding event. They often let you bring wedding ornaments in their places.

It might cost more, but asking help from these places will be great if your friends make something for your wedding. How about considering using total product service?

As we mentioned above, you can have a magnificent wedding on the small amount of money if you have a good plan. Talk to your partner about your wedding plan!

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