A Clich? But Extraordinary Story With The American Man


Have you even been deceived in love? It’s not unusual for you to think back and wonder why you did that even though you might’ve not been careful enough then, right?

Or, you might know that you are just enjoying each other but just go with it. Here is a story of Ms. A, who had some extraordinary experience like that.

Get hit on while taking a walk at night

One summer day, Ms. A was taking a walk with her friend at night. While they were having fun talking, someone came and said “Hello.” There was an American guy standing next to Ms. A who was surprised by that.

Ms. A who had been studying English, started to have a conversation with him even though she was still a bit surprised. After walking together while having the conversation in English mixed with a little of Japanese, he asked for her number. She was a little nervous but she gave it to him anyway.

Texting in English

Next day, she was surprised when she looked at the history on her phone. The American guy who came to talk to Ms. A last night called her twice. That day, While Ms. A was enjoying her shopping with her friend, he texted her this time.

Ms. A replied to his texts written in English with difficulty. Gradually, it was getting such a pain for her to reply to his texts that kept coming in and eventually Ms. A stopped replying.

The texts that keeps coming in

The texts kept coming in day after day. Ms. A replied only when she noticed and didn’t take it seriously. And, eventually, 3 days passed since she decided to ignore his texts.

The American guy stopped texting too. And, one day, she received a text from him again saying, “Why don’t you reply to my text?” Ms. A, who happened to be in front of the computer at that time replied to the text using a translation site online.

Her text, “It’s hard to reply in English” let him start texting her again.

Finally meet in person

“Can I see you today?” The texts of the day started with the message. At that time, Ms. A was about to go out anyway, so she decided to meet him. The American guy said he lived in an American base and wanted her to come to the gate of the base.

Ms. A went to the gate as she was told. The guy she saw for the first time since she was hit on was more handsome than she thought, and she thought he looked great with his slim but muscular body. And she was taken into a cab with him.

When she asked him “What do you have in the base?” he told her “We have movie theaters, restaurants and even bowling alleys” so she thought they were going to watch a movie.

And, they were dropped off in front of some building in the base. It was not in front of the movie theater, but in front of his dorm where he stayed.

In his room

Ms. A told him “Let’s go to the movie theater” once but she felt scared of him who winced for a moment, so she just followed him to his room. We decided to play a video game and sat closely on his bed.

Ms. A said she felt actually fine. Or rather, she felt comfortable being covered by his body with the fair amount of muscles. He asked her “Do you have a boyfriend?” Ms. A said “No.”

“I just broke up with my girlfriend 3 months ago.” He started talking about himself. Ms. A was listening to him sincerely with his arms around her. When he said, “Be my girlfriend” and she agreed, he started kissing her passionately.

His escalated actions

She was surprised with such a rapid development while kissing. He started to undress her and kept going. Ms. A could’ve just gone with it, but she pushed him away.

He was just being surprised by her saying “We just met today” in Japanese. He was looking at her like “What?” Ms. A told him “Let’s just kiss” and they started kissing but he didn’t seem to be able to stop there. Ms. A pushed him away again.

The American guy seemed disappointed and he stopped moving with his shoulders dropped. While they were repeating the interaction a few times, his roommate came in to call him for work. Ms. A got in a cab and left the base.

Contacts after that

After that, Ms. A never received a text from him even thought she was getting a lot before. It wasn’t that she’d been deceived by someone she liked, so she didn’t feel bad, but she felt sad a little bit.

Ms. A after the incident

Women tend to be weak for aggressive men. Even if you don’t mean to do it, you might do it with his push.
Especially, when the timing is good, you tend to be easily convinced.

I think it’s okay to mess around if you have a clear understanding that you just want to enjoy each other. It is a waste not to enjoy being young. But, if not, be careful with the push.

For Ms. A, in a part of her minds, she thought she should’ve just enjoyed it without being so serious. Anyway, hope Ms. A will get a wonderful relationship.

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