Women’s Mistakes That Might Cause A Break-up


A tiny little thing might cause a break-up between you and him. What’s scary is that you don’t recognize that you made the cause of the break-up and keep making the mistake over and over. The last break-up might have happened because of you!

To avoid making the same mistake again, I’ve listed “the mistakes that women tend to make” here.

Compare him with your ex

He was such a wonderful person. I can’t forget about him… Aren’t you romanticizing your past like that?

Even if you are having a hard time right now, you will be okay. As time goes by and you spend more fun time with your current boyfriend, your heart will be healed. Take a good care of your current boyfriend.

Check his cell phone

Everyone’s had wanted to check your boyfriend’s cell phone at least once when you get a little worried or fall into a little temptation, right?

But, hold your feet there and don’t do it. You will get nothing good by checking his cell phone. Or rather, it only leads to a negative result for both of you.

Even a message he wrote to his co-worker, “Thank you. See you later” can look like a message he sent after going on a date.

You get nothing even if you keep suspecting that he is doing something wrong. He is someone who you fell in love with so, try to trust him. If you have something you are wondering, don’t be sneaky but discuss it with him.

Do everything together!

Don’t you have a misunderstanding that you two have the same hobby or way of thinking because you are a couple? It is understandable that you want to share it because that is what you like, but we can’t call it a healthy relationship when you are in the world of the two whenever you do something.

It is impossible for you to get into all of his hobbies like cars, golfing or even more specialized hobbies. Having your own friends and hobbies is also necessary in addition to the time together.

Have too romantic expectations

Anybody has wanted to be a princess when they were a little. Even now that you’ve become an adult, aren’t you longing for a romantic fairy tale? It’s okay if you are just dreaming about it, but you can’t compare it with the reality.

It is fun to think about some romantic coincidences such as getting a call from him at this moment or meeting him where you go for your business trip, but the reality is not that easy.

You can’t blame him for his lack of skills just because he could not re-create the fairy tale. You and him are a real couple who lives in the reality.

Switch subjects

Let’s say he ate the pudding you kept in a fridge for yourself.

You start to get mad. But, at first, you are getting mad because he ate your pudding, but for some reason, you end up blaming him for something else like his sloppiness. Haven’t you done that before?

If you are mad about the pudding, be mad about the pudding. He would get confused if you bring up things like unrelated matters from the past. If you have something on your mind, don’t keep it inside and take care of each of them every time.

Also, it is same when you offended him and he is blaming you for it. Keep in mind that you should take care of what is happening and what you are discussing now instead of switching the subject to get away.

In general, it is said that women tend to often change the subjects of the conversations. It might go smoothly among between women but it might be too much for men. This is a mistake that especially women tend to make so you want to be careful.

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