What to Do with Him Who Wants Dating But Not A Relationship?


Recently, I have someone in my mind! We’ve been going on dates many times and it’s been great. He seems to like me and so do I.

But, for some reason, we are not “in a relationship.” Even though we have so much fun and say we like each other, he says he doesn’t want a relationship with labels, “a boyfriend and a girlfriend.” When I try to make the status of our relationship clear, he changes the subject…

He is my ideal man and exactly the person I wanted but the fact that we can’t officially be “in a relationship” is driving me crazy. What should I do?

He is not ready to be “in a relationship” with anybody

You see these men occasionally, right? He is so nice and things are going great between you and him, but he wouldn’t take the relationship any further. You just want to officially be “in a relationship” but he would not make the part clear, that would drive you crazy.

Most of those men would refuse to be “in a relationship” with not only you but with anybody. Probably, he just doesn’t want to take a responsibility to be “in a relationship” with anybody right now.

You won’t get what you want unless you accept what you don’t want

If you are concerned about the relationship with that kind of man, remember the words above. What you really want is an official “boyfriend” right?

If so, aren’t you just ignoring that fact that you know he would not give you what you want? Let’s accept the reality and move forward to get what you want.

Even if he prefers not to have close relationships with people, he is cheating on you with someone else or he hasn’t recovered from his last relationship, the result would be the same.

And, that is his problem and regardless of how much effort you make, he is the one to decide. If you want a proper relationship, there is only one thing you should do. Look for “the next.”

Having said that, if you think it would be a waste to let him go because he is your ideal person and takes care of you, then try it out. Do not bring up a topic about being “in a relationship”, which you were particular about and go along with the way he wishes.

By doing that, he might be released from the pressure of being “in a relationship” and change his mind, and the relationship of you two might move to a better direction. But, it is not always that easy.

If he doesn’t try to change, it is recommended that you leave him to get what you want. Please ask yourself what you want to do and listen to your own voice.

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