Reasons Why A Long-Distance Relationship Leads to A Marriage

A rumor is secretly spreading among women who want to get married and work hard in marriage hunting, and that is “if you want to get married soon, you should have a long-distance relationship.” Is this rumor really true? Let’s look into it referring to the stories of people who actually got married after their long-distance relationships.

Why does a long-distance relationship lead to a marriage?

The more you are in love with each other, the more you tend to think that you want to be with each other more and forever. When you are in a long-distance relationship, that feeling would get stronger since the time you can’t see each other is longer.

The further the distance is, the harder it is for you to see each other, and since the time together is limited, you would feel more sad when you leave. And, when you think you want to spend more time together, the topic of whether either of you should move would come up.

Ms. A, who got married after her long-distance relationship said,

“Even if you want to be with him, you get nervous about moving far. Moving far to where your partner lives is not only your problem but your family’s too, So, in order to convince the parents and take responsibilities, probably many choose to get married?”

You can get married even if you have a little problem with your personality!?

Since the time you can spend together is limited, it seems to be hard to know about your partner well. Some said they spent time trying not to have a fight because they could rarely see each other, and the other said they could be really nice to their partners or they just didn’t have time to be mean because the time is limited.

In Ms. B’s case, she was seeing her partner twice a month on the weekends but,

“You only see him for 4 days a month, so honestly you can keep being a fake.

I believe there are many things that you find out about your partner after getting married even after an ordinary relationship but I’ve been realizing I didn’t know anything about my partner at all every day. He must be thinking that too. Even if you have a problem with your personality, he wouldn’t know!”

she said. To avoid regretting the marriage later, you might need to figure out if you can make the marriage work with him or not, knowing that it is hard to know about your partner in a long-distance relationship.

Be careful of scams!

There seem to be many people who get caught in marriage scams using the fact that it’s hard to know the other person well. Especially be careful with the men from other countries who you met during your overseas travel or online. It is said that there are many cases of the marriage scams that men come close to Japanese women to make them send money.

Even though not all the cases are that serious, many women seem to have had the troubles like fake profiles or being cheated on. We need to be careful not to be get taken in by such scams.

Having said that, the long-distance relationships might be a big chance for the women who are working on marriage hunting. Try not to miss an opportunity at where you go for a travel or work.

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