How to Build Trust in A Romantic Relationship

Building a human relationship in a romantic relationship

A man and a woman who have been through totally different lives meet, and the love begins. From there, they start building a human relationship in their romantic relationship. However, a process to build the human relationship in the romantic relationship is totally different from building the one in general.

In the process of a building the general human relationship, you might take your time to see certain things but you can’t do that in the romantic relationship. Actually, in a very short time, you need to build a certain degree of the human relationship.

This is a pretty hard thing to do. If a feeling can’t keep up with it, then the romantic relationship will collapse. And, the pace of each person is very important.

It’s great if you can keep pace with each other, but if you can’t, it will be hard for you to move forward. In fact, it means your ways to think about things are totally different. Once that happens, the end will naturally come.

At the end of the day, a breakup is caused by a difference in how fast each person is moving forward in the relationship. So, to be more specific, what kind of situation are we talking about?

Marriage as an example

For example, this man and woman started dating because they liked each other so much, but when it comes to getting married, they have their own ideas. While she started dating with a view to a marriage, all he can do now is to be in the relationship and he hasn’t got the idea of getting married yet both in his head and mind.

This kind of situation often happens in a romantic relationship. How to reduce the distance in a matter like this is important in the relationship between men and women.

In the case of the woman who wants to get married soon and the man who wants to get married after dating for a few years, the question is how they can bring their goals closer to each other. Of course, as a woman, she gets worried about what age she gets marred as well as the age to have a child. Maybe about her work too.

In that case, at the time she started the relationship with him, she must’ve chosen him as a person who could satisfy the conditions to be her husband.

However, it might not be the case for him. So, now it depends on whether he can decide to marry her after listening to what she says. Also, at the same time, it is important for her to know why he doesn’t want to get married soon.

Understanding each other is very important for the rest of the relationship of the two. If she just keeps telling him that she wants to get married, his feeling would pull away. The problem is how to deal with that.

To avoid a breakup, you must listen to what your partner wants to say

Since he doesn’t think he wants to get married, he would think what the merits are for marrying her. She would tell him then why she wants marry him and what it would be like if he married her.

A marriage is a matter of one’s lifetime, so saying you just want to get married is not convincing enough.

The reasons can be anything such as you can do his favorite hobby together, cook delicious meals, or work hard and support the family, for example. You need to tell him specifically that he could have good things like these if he married you.

Men and women think differently. Women tend to want to get married once they fall in love. On the other hand, men need something to live with women.

It can be the comfort, beauty, style or anything. They look for what is appealing from their own viewpoints.

Whatever the case might be, he started dating you because he found something attractive about you. So ask him what that was. But, men barely tell you those things.

Therefore, instead of asking him directly, you need to find that out by listening to him carefully. Men often say their ideas when they do something. You need to analyze and understand them, and used them efficiently to get him marry you.

You can understand what he wants when you listen to him

By listening to your partner carefully, you can understand what he wants as a result. No matter how bad he is at showing his real thoughts, by talking again and again, you will find out what was hidden deep inside of his mind.

In fact, while you are observing your partner and trying to listen to him this much, your thought that you want to rush into a marriage would change.

At first, after considering the conditions of your partner, your thought that he was a good catch turns into a true love. Then, when you find what you can see from outside and what’s hidden inside of him, you will be in love with him.

Also, the man who wasn’t sure about the marriage at first would change once he finds out that she understands him. He would start thinking about the marriage positively.

The faces men show socially and at home are different. If you can understand that, you two will have satisfying future.

And, it would be great if you can build a relationship where you can understand each other, but if you can’t, the relationship will end. However, just think the relationship that ends while building trust is supposed to end.

After all, for a man and woman to spend a life together, there are many difficulties to get over. If one person gives up while building the trust, you should just let it go and move on.

But, the effort you made to build the trust will be useful in the next relationship. To build a wonderful romantic relationship from a wonderful encounter, always make effort and keep going.

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