Analyze The Feeling of Wanting A Romantic Partner

Why doesn’t the person who is openly looking for a partner, succeed?

There are people who just want to be in a relationship. Those people try to get attention from whoever is there but never succeed.

Those people who have been in such situation for years tend to think that, “If I try harder, I would be able to get one!”

However, if you are putting all your energy into looking for a partner, your life cycle tends to be disturbed by getting a short temper or depending on alcohol.

I am sure it occurs to you that, “Why am I putting all my energy into just looking for a boyfriend?” Then, what should we do to get out of the negative loop?

The secret of love is a balance between love and life

First, imagine a girl giving away pocket tissues of a loan company to pedestrians on the street. Even if she keeps giving them away, the possibility that people use the loan company is pretty low.

People who are constantly trying to get attention to get a partner are falling into the same situation as the girl giving away the pocket tissues that would less likely bring any customers. In other words, love and life are not balanced.

If they are not balanced, actually you can’t build trust between you and him and it gets harder to develop that into a relationship.

Unless you stop having a wasteful love, you will be wasting your time and mental energy, and both your life and love would not go well. If you want to have a good relationship, you have to find a good man.

Now, what do we have to do for that? Right, we should sell ourselves to get more attentions and “even a poor shot will hit the mark if you try often enough.” But, if you only have such viewpoint, then you might only see his kindness that is only skin deep or his status.

It is easier to succeed if you understand the characters of women

You can live more comfortably if you can think that understanding that the animal called women tends to be easily swayed away by situations, atmosphere and people around them, would make it easier for you to become independent mentally.

If you can’t get yourself figured out, you will not be chosen by a man who has got himself figured out. Men might think you are not mentally independent if you are fooling around holding up a sign that you are available.

A courage to put up a sign that you want a relationship of trust

What’s important for those people is to take down the sign that you are available and try to put up a sign, “you want a relationship of trust.”

First, who can you trust and can you have fun with? And, who is fulfilling and making your life better?

You are just going to get hurt if you just keep being swayed away by the situations, and if you live depending only on your emotions, because you have no plan, the damage you will get when something happened will be more than you imagined.

So, what you can do now is to ask your girlfriends what is missing in you to have a solid relationship without wasting your efforts.

If you did that, without trying to get attention from everyone, you can focus on the specific person and spend your energy efficiently. And, since you life cycle will be stable, you should be able to comfortably share your feeling with the man you are in love with.

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