3 Small Tricks to Try To Get Him Ask You Out


The reason why he doesn’t ask you out

Is there anybody who is wondering if you and the man you are in love with are in a relationship or if you can call yourself his girlfriend because he doesn’t ask you out for some reason no matter how much you are getting along?

You can say that there is a reason why he doesn’t ask you out officially.

First, there is some reason he doesn’t want to consider you to be his girlfriend. Believe it or not, some men think it’s too much hassle to have you as a girlfriend.

You might want to keep in mind that there are many men that don’t want to have girlfriends but date casually when they feel like it.

Is there a certain way to be a girlfriend?

There is no woman who wants to be treated like a doormat like that. Instead of wondering if you are his girlfriend or not, try the tricks to get him ask you out.

First of all, it can be called a golden rule, but it’s important not to give yourself to him easily. It is understandable for you to wish to have a physical relationship with the man you are in love with, however, you should absolutely not follow the feeling and go out of control.

To get him ask you out, it’s important to make him recognize that you are “a valuable person who seems reachable he can’t get” That’s why you should keep in mind that it is an important rule not to easily give yourself to him.

Give yourself a makeover

If you never change, the situation that he doesn’t ask you out might not change either. If so, why don’t you try to be someone different from the usual?

It is important to make him recognize that you are “different from the usual” by a drastic change of your hairstyle such as cutting your long hair short or changing your boyish style of clothes to the feminine style, and etc.

It is recommended to try out the style that brings out the feminine side of you.

Try to get into cooking

Women who can cook are popular now. Some men are really good at cooking. If he likes cooking, it might be good to ask him to teach you. If he doesn’t cook at all, it would be good to have an opportunity to cook for him.

Cooking is a easy way to show what you can do. If you do good, the relationship between you and him would get deeper. If you don’t try because you are not good at it, the situation would never change.

Improving your cooking skills by reading cooking books or going to cooking classes and having a opportunity to cook for him might give him the chance to move his feeling toward you.

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