Steps to Move On from The Past Relationship

After the breakup with your boyfriend, the more you like him, the harder it is to get over your ex, right? You might actually want to forget about such bitter feelings as soon as possible and move on to the new relationship. To move on to the next relationship positively, what steps should you take?

Get rid of the key to your ex’s place

You can’t forget about him if you can see him anytime. Get rid of the key to his place if you had one.

Delete your ex’s contact

Just like the above, if you can’t help calling or texting him, forcibly cut off contact. First, you start off by getting rid of physical stuff.

Do not check your ex’s SNS

SNS such as Facebook or Twitter can be something you might be overlooking. Once you open it, you naturally see info about your ex. It could be painful to know what’s going on with him. If possible, hide his profile.

You might be forgetting what you didn’t like about your ex

You might be remembering only the good things about the relationship because you lost it, but were you really happy? It sounds mean but, even if he was a wonderful boyfriend, you must have had fights or arguments about some silly things. Do not overly romanticize the memories.

Time will heal you

You might still feel terrible after doing all of the above. You will be okay. Any painful breakups or passionate relationships can fade as time goes by. Once you make effort to forget about it, wait for the time to heal you.

Be open-minded and enjoy meeting new people

Here, finally, it is time for you to take a step to get a new opportunity. It is hard to feel like starting a new relationship after a breakup. But, at first, enjoy meeting new people. Even if the person you meet is not your “type” that you would want to start a relationship with, think you can start from being friends.

Don’t just judge them with their first impressions. Enjoy your free time.

Enjoy your own time

Is there anything that you’ve been holding back unknowingly for him such as clothes you wanted to wear, new makeups, plans with your friends, lessons you wanted to take, and etc.? Now is the time you can use for yourself without any hesitation. It is your chance. Enjoy the freedom.

Also, a woman who is doing what she wants and spending satisfying time everyday like that is attractive. A new opportunity might just come to you.

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