Never Bring It Up! 4 Things Men Are Concerned About

Don’t you think it is a requirement to be capable of anything and have no worry for a man to be considered to be “a good man”? But, unfortunately, such idea of the perfect man is just a dream. As we, women, are thinking about many things, men also have their own worries.

It might be too cruel to say, “You are not much of a man!” However, as long as this concept exists, men might be trying to look “manly” and perhaps, they have a bigger ego then women.

We should try not to often strike their “vulnerable points” so that we can give even a little comfort to men who are struggling between the ideal image of a cool man and the reality. This time, I would like to tell you 4 things you should never bring up as a topic to any men in the world.


This might be common in all men. As a man, it is extremely disappointing if he finds out that he is not qualified to be a breadwinner of his family or he doesn’t earn enough to support his family.

Even if he’s never had a problem with money before, unless he is really rich, he would face the problem someday.

Men don’t need to be told, “You are a matured man, so get your act together!” to remind them that.


Do you think men are lucky because they don’t have to care about their ages? Certainly, it might seem like women make or have to make more effort to stay young. But, of course, men do care too.

Or rather, isn’t it easier for women to age well in this environment?

It’s taboo to ask a woman her age and there are many cosmetics for anti-aging. Also, the phrases like “Around 40,” which represents women who are about to be age of 40 and usually are well off, have been created and recently, “cougars” are getting popular too. Thus, it is possible for women to refine their beauty as they age.

On the other hand, how about men? The word, “the middle-aged,” sticks to our hearts deeply. For instance, the troubles women have regarding their hair such as losing the body of hair, getting more gray hairs, and etc. are not so bad. We should be happy with the fact that we have hair.

And, more than anything, the physical strength, which is required to be “manly,” cannot be better than the younger people no matter what.


Just like the age, aren’t you thinking women are having a harder time about this compared to men? But, men are concerned about it as much as women do.

It rather seems that women tend to easily consider themselves to be fat because of people who appear in the media such as celebrities or models. In reality, men seem to prefer women who are a little bit chubby. How nice of them for women.

However, men have a concern, other than whether they are fat or skinny, about the proper amount of muscles. It’s not good if he has too little even functionally, but too much is not preferable for many people either. Thus, it is a tough problem.

There must be many men who are concerned about their flabby bodies as a result of the everyday drinking or lack of exercise even thought it might have been okay when they were young.


A little bit of “silliness” of women may be considered to be adorable. However, if men did something “silly,” it is highly possible that they would be considered to be “stupid”.

“Being intelligent” is something that has a critical impact on men’s lives. Of course, it’s not just about doing well in studies. But, it is a problem of whether he has the ability to think things logically. In other words, it is the communication skill or the ability to think.

Being intelligent might be wroth more than money. Or rather, if you are intelligent, you won’t have a problem with money.

There are many men who want to be approved by the society. In order for them to be approved by the society, the intelligence is required.

The concerns about income, age, figure and intelligence may be what many men have in common. So, I don’t recommend you to bring these topics up.

But, actually, if he is your boyfriend or someone who is close to you, then by keeping these topics in your mind, you should be able to help him better when he asks for your advice about things.

In general, a man is an animal with a big ego. Treating men without hurting their egos is a chance for women to show what they can do.

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