Things You Shouldn’t Say to Him During a Fight

it is often called “a lover’s quarrel,” but when you are actually in a fight with your boyfriend, because you feel the tension between you two and you get upset, you might unexpectedly say harsh things to him. But there are things that you should never say to a man even if you are fighting.

Aren’t you stupid?

It’s something you can easily say when you are irritated, isn’t it? You might say it when it’s taking time for you two to reach the agreement or conclusion, but men feel like you are looking down on them when you say this phrase.

Some men said they would get more upset if you say it carelessly. In other words, you shouldn’t say things that are disrespectful to your partner even if you are fighting.

Be a man!

You might say it when he is being indecisive or doesn’t give you a clear answer, right? Men sometimes don’t say things on purpose not to hurt women, my male friend said.

They said they get more upset if you tell them to “be a man!” without knowing the intension.

I’m done

Some said they start to feel stupid for fighting to face the problem seriously when you say “I’m done” in the middle of the fight. Certainly, it’s not fun to fight, right?

But, I guess the more serious your partner is to face the problem, the more upsetting the phrase that implies you gave up can be. What you unexpectedly say when you get tired of fighting might become a reason for him to lose his feelings for you.

These are 3 things that you shouldn’t say during a fight. These are the ones that upset men during the actual fights so trying not to use them when you are in fight with your boyfriend.

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