You Might Get A Boyfriend If you Go to These Shrines

It’s already summer but you can’t get a boyfriend? There might be some people who have started to think about registering to online dating sites for real because going to a party every day is not working.

Now that it’s come to this, you just have to pray to god! Here are the list of some shrines that my friends who succeeded in getting boyfriends by praying to god, recommended.

Tokyo Daijingu Shrine (Tokyo)

One of the famous shrines in Tokyo is Tokyo Daijingu. From what I’ve heard, if your friend takes you there, you will get a boyfriend. If you already have one, then you might get good luck by taking your friend who doesn’t have a boyfriend there.

It is said that when a thread of the bell being sold there snaps, you can get a boyfriend. So, my friend bought and kept it. Right after the thread snapped, she started to get invitations from many people and ended up dating one of them. And, now they are getting married, she said.

You want to find someone who can take you there.

Shimogamo Shrine (Kyoto)

It seems that god of love is there as well and my friend kept making a money offering every year. I’ve seen her offering 500 yen but her wish couldn’t be heard with the one-time offering, but she got a boyfriend eventually after few years.

She also said that when she went out with him for the first time, he asked her to take him to this Shimogamo Shrine, so she showed him around. That might have been the reason of the success, she says.

Izumo Grand Shrine (Shimane)

Izumo Grand Shrine also seems to be famous for god of love. My friend said that her co-worker was worried about her because she couldn’t get a boyfriend for a long time, so her co-worker got her a lucky charm, then she got a boyfriend right after that!

In this case, maybe the wish her co-worker had for her was strong. God might be listening to the wishes people around you have for you to get a boyfriend.

What did you think about these shines that are famous for god of love? Please stop by when you visit nearby.

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