Secrets to Make Your Relationship Last For A Long Time

What are the secrets to make the relationship last for a long time? Some might say “What’s important is the love between the two” but is it really true?

If the relationship can last only with “love” or “fondness,” then it seems that such many people don’t need to suffer from the breakups… Of course, it is necessary for the two to have feelings for each other but, in reality, that is not enough.

When two human beings try to stay together, it is necessary, to a certain degree, for them to meet halfway. Sometimes, you might have to be submissive. Whether you two can balance each other out in such situation would be a key to the lasting relationship.

Think about “us” more than “me”

By compromising for each other and accepting your partner, togetherness will grow between you two. And, you might always try to keep only your opinions straight at first, but the ground of the way of thinking will be turned into “us.”

Once you get used to think about not only you but also the two of you, it will make you want to take more care of your relationship.

If you can think of “us” instead of “me,” then, when you are fighting or face a problem, you should be able to find a solution that won’t hurt the relationship.

Try to think what is the best for “us,” even if it is different from “my” opinion. Drop the selfish thinking and start thinking for “us.”

See things in the long run instead of focusing on the short-term result

As a result of meeting halfway, it might create some dissatisfaction for you. That’s totally normal. Because you compromised for each other, not all of your wishes will come true.

However, such accumulation of compromises is important. A short-term satisfaction only brings a short-term result.

In addition, more than the result from meeting halfway, the process of it actually makes your relationship stronger. Perhaps, you might not be satisfied if you see only the result, but because there is a process of caring about each other, you will start not to see the dissatisfaction as dissatisfaction.

No point in comparing you with someone

You might think “I am trying to be submissive but he never tries to do the same at all! I am making such effort. It’s not fair!” This thought might often come up especially when you two start trying to meet halfway.

Moreover, aren’t you comparing yourself not only with him but with other couples? For example, you envy your friend because her boyfriend does what she asks for all the time but in your case, you are doing everything for your boyfriend.

It it understandable to think that way and compare yourself with someone else but it is not really recommended. You will get nothing by doing that.

A thing has many sides. The couple you are comparing yourself with doesn’t know everything about you, right?

Maybe you are only seeing the good side of them and there might be a side that they are having a tougher time than you think. And, as long as you are not them, you can’t see it. Therefore, there is no point in comparing yourself with someone.

Live and Let Live. We are all different from each other. So as couples.

Aim for a win-win relationship

The relationship of give and take is important after all. The goal you want to get to when you two discuss and decide something is the result that is satisfying for both of you. If either of you is unsatisfied or feels a burden, then it might be hard for the relationship to last.

It is, of course, important that you don’t strain yourself but it’s also important to think about your partner. Please try to understand what he wants so that he won’t hold too much inside. Make sure to listen to what he has to say.

It is not easy to meet halfway and find the answer that satisfies both of you. But if you have a feeling that you want to be with him for a long time then it will help you find “our” answer instead of “my” answer.

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