It Might Not Last Any Longer… 8 Signs to Tell You It’s Time

Things haven’t been going well with him… Are we just going through a rough patch? Or isn’t it going to last anymore?

8 signs that tell you it is time for you to end the relationship. If you find any of these true, it might be the time for your reconsider your relationship.

1. You get hurt a lot

The situation that either of you is straining yourself is a enough reason for a couple to end the relationship. If you are getting hurt mentally or physically, you should get out of the relationship as soon as possible.

It’s obvious that it’s not good for you. Why don’t you take a look at it again with a calm mind?

2. There are more hard times than fun times

Being in a relationship with someone is not always fun and there are times that are hard. But if you are having the tough times more than the fun times, you will get absolutely nothing out of it.

If you often get annoyed or feel uneasy and know that it’s not well-balanced, then you should turn back while you can.

3. Everything is left to you


It’s always you that start a phone call. It’s you that plan a date. It’s from you that hold hands. Everything is left to you and that is keeping the relationship going.

If so, unfortunately his feeling for you might have been gone already. He knows the end is coming but probably just can’t bring it up. If that is true, you should break the news.

4. He is lying to you

If it’s just a silly lie, then it’s not a problem but if the lie is serious enough to damage the relationship, it might be hard for you guys to be happy together. There must be someone who can treat you better.

5. You think about your ex or the past relationship

Aren’t you in the current relationship without healing from the past relationship? If you keep thinking about your past even when you are with your current boyfriend, then it might not be the time for your to be in a relationship with anybody new.

It is rude of you to think about your ex while you are dating your boyfriend. If you can’t get the past relationship out of your mind, then face it once more properly. You should start dating someone once you are settled.

6. Your friends disapprove your relationship with him

Aside from the jealousy from the ones who do not have boyfriends, have you been warned by your friends about your situation? You should listen to the warnings from your friends. You might not realize but your friends might see what you can’t see.

You don’t have to end the relationship immediately but, it is recommended for you to take those warnings seriously not to regret later.

7. You are lying

Aren’t you hiding something from him? If you can’t help it, it might be better for you not to be in a relationship with anybody. The more you lie, the more painful you and your partner would feel.

If you have something that you can’t tell your boyfriend, you should solve the problem as soon as possible.

8. You just feel like it is better to break up with him

When couples break up, it is not necessary to have a solid reason to do so. You don’t know why but you feel like it’s better for you to break up with him… If you feel that way, you should be honest and tell him that.

It might be hard but, in the long run, your decision will make you happier than keeping the relationship. Life is limited so try not to waste your time.

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