He Definitely Likes Me! Or Just A Pitiful Misunderstanding?


There are moments that what a man does and says makes you think “Wait, this person might like me,” right?

You might start being interested in the person even thought you’ve never seen him that way before, or if he is someone who you’ve been interested, then your expectation might expand more and more. Many people might find it true that once you thought he might like you, then you start getting conscious of him.

If he tells you that he is “getting married!” when you are getting excited thinking “Is he going to confess his love to me sometime?” then you would feel pretty embarrassed by your pitiful misunderstanding.

To avoid such misunderstanding, let’s learn lessons from the actual cases.

“Like” is not to like romantically?

There seem to be many women who tend to misunderstand that the men might like them once they mention the word “like” as some said “He said he liked my gestures a few times” or “When I got a bob haircut, he said he liked girls with bob haircuts.”

There may be some men who use the word “like” actually to attract the women they are interested, but it is essentially just a word of praise. Don’t get confused because they are not saying they like you romantically.

We can talk about things we can’t tell others

Some say “the man I was interested in talked me about serious stuff that he hadn’t told anybody” or “the man who had many female friends told me that I was the easiest to talk to and he felt comfortable” and etc. We tend to have the misunderstanding when you became the one who he is really close to and he can talk to about anything.

Of course, it is true that you have established a trust between you two that is solid enough to talk about serious stuff, however, whether he is attracted to you as a woman is a different story.

There might be a possibility that you’ve been labeled as “a female friend that would never be a girlfriend.”

Obviously, I am being treated special!

Once you feel like you are being treated special compared to other female friends like these women who say “He treats me special by saying I am cute even when we have many people around” or “He always comes to sit close to me when we all go out for meals,” you tend to have the misunderstanding

But, this “special treatment” itself can be a misunderstanding. Even if he is being nice to everyone, you can overlook his kindness to the other people and feel like it’s only for you.

Even if he is really treating you special, if you have a character everyone can admire, then he might be just doing what the other friends are doing.

I get invited to his shows or where he works!

Many women tend to have the misunderstanding when they are invited to his shows or where her works, like the ones that say “The man who is in a band always gives me tickets for his shows and tells me that he has a song he wants me to listen” or “The man who works at a restaurant always tells me to come because he wants to see me.”

If he pays for the ticket or meal every time, then you may have a chance there but if not, it’s most likely just a sales pitch.

Shows, events, and restaurants need people there. It is safer for you to think that it’s normal that you get invited many times.

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