3 Reasons Why You Have Bad Luck with Men


Is there anyone around you who is crying over her bad luck with men? In most cases, it’s not that they have bad luck but it’s them attracting bad men.

Here is the list of characteristics of those women. If you think you might be one of them after reading it, you might be attracting bad men unless you change yourself now.

Repeat the same type of relationships they had before

The first one as a characteristic of the women who are crying over their bad luck with men, is that they are repeating the same type of relationships. To be in a relationship is to build the relationship between you and your partner together, and it usually comes with compromising and accepting things over the course of the building process.

But there are things that you can’t compromise. When something like that happens, whether you have thought about why the last relationship didn’t work out or not affects how you react to it.

Women who haven’t thought of that tend to repeat the same kind of relationships they had before. There seem to be many women who don’t realize that the last relationships didn’t work out for reasons and fall for the same kind of men and end like before, and think that they have bad luck with men.

Don’t listen to what people say

It’s not that you have to trust other people’s opinions 100%. Each person has different preferences and the compatibility also depends. However, if people around you are worried about you, then there is something that is making them anxious about you, right?

If someone asks if you are really okay with him, then you should try to ask the person what made him/her worried.

Addicted to their boyfriends

The most common one is that they heavily addicted to the fact that they have boyfriends. It’s dangerous to think that your life is stable because you have a boyfriend. Once you get addicted, you tend to think in a wrong way, like it would be okay as long as you change when something bad happens.

You leave your day-off with no plan for him. You hold on to your phone and check constantly till he gets off his work. These are dangerous signs. He is going to end up either getting annoyed or taking advantage of it, so there is nothing good there.

Did you find any of these true of yourself? If you did, you should try to change even one thing so that you can meet a wonderful person someday.

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