The Impression of You Can Be Changed By The Way You Talk!

Do you know the way of talking can totally change the impression of you? Especially in a business setting, there are many ways of talking nicely for women, from volume of your voice to word choices.

Here are some techniques that you can use now to make yourself a graceful woman only by chaining the way you talk.

No good to be too loud or too quiet! First, find out the proper volume of your voice

First of all, be careful to never talk loud. It needs to be considered not only in the business settings, but also in private conversations with men. Loud female voice does not sound graceful no matter what. However, too quiet voice is a trouble too.

It seems that a woman who talks quietly can be considered to be cute, but remember the time you were talking with someone who was too quiet to understand what the person was saying. That pain that you have to say in the middle of the conversation many times, “Excuse me. It’s hard to hear.”

It’s possible that you annoy the other person if this kind of situation keeps happening. It’s good to keep in mind that it’s very important to adjust the volume of your voice properly depending on where you are.

What’s “quality of voice” that is more important than the volume?

Actually during having a conversation, there is something that can be called the most important. This is the “quality of voice.” You need to be aware of saying sentences clearly till the last word within not-too-high but not-too-low voice range and rhythm.

And, be very careful not to unconsciously stretch out the end of the last word of the sentence. This would make you sound sloppy.

When you are in a phone conversation that is important and you don’t want to fail, you can leave a better impression than ever if are being more conscious about the followings.

Straighten your back while talking

It seems to be hard to talk with a beautiful voice when your back is bent. Especially on the phone, if you consciously straighten your back with your face up, you will sound beautiful since you get higher-pitched voice than usual.

Be careful with the speed

You have to be really careful if you have been told to talk slower or you talk too fast.
When you talk fast, not only it’s hard for people to understand what you are saying, but also makes an impression that your heart is not there.

Except for the time when you have to deliver the message quickly such as in some business settings but, try to talk calmly and slowly when you have regular conversations.

Imitate the way female TV announcers talk

Try to imitate the female TV announcers you see on TV and acquire a habit to talk clearly.

You don’t have to be able to talk like them right away. They are conscious about being feminine and it’s a job that cherishes words, so surely you can learn something from them.

What do you think? Only by the way you talk, you can be considered to be a sloppy person or you can leave an impression as “a graceful woman.” When you think like that, don’t you think the “way of talking” is very important in relationships?

Even at work, women who can be considerate and respect the atmosphere are surely being respected and the women who can take care of phone calls nicely can be valued internally and externally and that might lead to a smoother workflow.

The impression of you can be made by your voice especially on the phone since you can’t see each other. In any case, since the impressions of women can be changed by the way they talk, so it might be good to check how you are talking even once even if you think you are not good at talking.

The important things here are to straighten your back, to find proper volume, to talk slowly and clearly, and not to stretch out the end of the word. It will get better as you become more aware of those things everyday, so please try it out.

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